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Finding Real Joy by not Supporting the Ego

Updated: Apr 26, 2022

Sat discusses how to truly end pain and struggle through emptying the mind and refusing to feed the personality.

As a grown up child, by the understanding of what these truths are pointing us to, we can stop feeding our personality with more ideas and concepts. By watching the mind with a sharp attention, unmoved and unaffected, we can empty our own vessel once again and end the pain and struggle once and for all. All we need to have is repeated attempts and total interest in freedom. Who we take ourselves to be is only collective ideas that have made up a persona of who we are not at all. These concepts attach themselves to past memories and events, which are only images that were created by wrong learning. We carry the olds and wonder why our lives do not change for the better. We protect our ego or wrong identification at any cost. We do not realize that by protecting it we have insured its existence and thereby, we have prolonged our struggle and pain. What to do? Again as the grown up child that we are, our aim should be emptying the mind of all that we thought we were. How? By not feeding our personality. Meaning that we should let the past bypass, free of memories. Having pity for ourselves, condemning ourselves, feeling as though we are the victim of circumstances, and being unable to let go for the sake of more peace are the habits that keep us in bondage.

There are those who energize themselves by repeating stories of their past and they tell it with such a power of negative energy. They think that this approach is what will remedy their lives, not knowing that when the past comes to NOW, NOW will never be new but a continuation of the past miseries. We need to consciously let each moment be empty of the past and also empty of anticipation for the future, so that in this newness we can find our true SELF.

Let our attention never find refuge in the mind’s weakness and sorrowful stories. Be determined to uproot the false ideas that were given to you during childhood by not supporting the old beliefs and concepts that were dropped in your pure consciousness. Dare to BE nothing. Saying to yourself, "I AM NOBODY AND I KNOW NOTHING" creates an empty space that enables you to feel what is REAL. Meaning the real joy, goodness and unshakable peace which are not of this world. The good that is not outside of you and can not be taken away by the outside influence. This is the way to unchain oneself. Remember, each CHILD IS THE LIGHT.


-From Sat’s book, “I Am the Child,” P.103-104

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