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How to Be Truly Happy

Updated: Apr 3, 2021

Sat expounds upon the answer to Question 21 "Speak to us of Happiness” from Her book Most Precious.

Sat: Today, let’s discuss the answer to Question 21, “Speak to Us of Happiness” from Most Precious starting with the first line.

“Happiness is the state of stillness, where thoughts do not pound.”

So misery comes when we read the thoughts, even the good thoughts.

“Happiness is the union of the Self with the form.”

Whenever we focus our mental energy on the region of the heart, Oneness is experienced. Just imagine what I am saying. In your silence you all know the Truth of what I am saying. When you direct your mental energy to the region of the heart, you experience eternal happiness. Aren’t we lucky? Anytime we want, we can experience true happiness, for no particular reason.

This is the biggest gift that we have been given in this lifetime. This gift is the only thing that we can carry with us. It existed before this dream, and will continue to exist after this dream is over. If we had not found this gift, we would come and go with the dream. When we would leave the body, we would still identify with the images and the body. But now, when we experience the Stillness completely, we no longer travel through the imagination of the body and mind.

“Happiness is the union of the Self with the form, where there is no desire, nor is there any need for it.”

Desire activates the mind, and the lack of desire is Stillness. We can’t wake up one morning and decide that we will no longer desire anything. The mind does what it does. Your job is to find the Stillness, bring your attention there, and free yourself.

“Happiness is not an emotion as we know it, it is the Self without emotions or thoughts.”

What you used to feel as happiness is not truly happiness. In the past, our happiness came from the creation. For example we thought that if I get “this,” I will be happy. If I don’t, I will be sad. If I go “here” I will be happy, if I don’t, I will be sad, etc. Now this is all meaningless. Our happiness is no longer in the hands of the mind. It doesn’t reside in the universal mind. So where is it? It is in the first line of the answer to question No. 21: “Happiness is the state of stillness, where thoughts do not pound.” When each of you go to the Source, which has been revealed to you, you will see that it is not the mind, desires or wants. It is Stillness. It is “Just Be.”

“Happiness is Just Being; Isness.”

Isness has always existed. It is there whenever you go to it. Death, birth, desires or thoughts do not exist in Isness. So what is it? It is beyond definition. You all know what I am saying. It cannot be described or explained, but it is clear when we are in it. Isness means Being. When you say “Be” to yourself, you can not describe the state after Being, which is Isness. You say “Be,”and you are there. The body and the mind cannot go there, because it is not of this world.

“You probably will ask next how to acquire it? There is Stillness permeating the universe and beyond, without a beginning, an end, or any borders. Once pictures are faded, the canvas will show forth; once we drop all repeated thoughts, which most of them are, we are left with the Self, the Stillness.”

Whenever you want to experience happiness, it is within your reach. The Stillness is the white canvas. When you don’t go with the images on the canvas, you can see the background. This background is your Truth.

-From Sat’s book, "Most Precious"

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