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Guided Meditations For Children

Stay Meditation For Children

Sat guides a meditation that helps children to Stay when
they have fear or discomfort.

Relaxing Meditation For Children

In this audio, Sat guides children through a meditation that helps them relax their bodies and calm their minds.

Acknowledge The Light Meditation

Sat guides the children through a meditation that helps them to acknowledge their Light

Light Meditation For Children

Sat gently leads the child to look at the light of a candle and feel that light spreading within their own body.

Spiritual Teachings For Parents

Nail Biting

Mountain Range_edited.jpg

Sat advises parents on how to help their children with nail biting.


Mountain Range_edited.jpg

Sat tells us we are not here to gather concepts but rather to drop them.

Why Does God Make Our Body Born?

Mountain Range_edited.jpg

Sat explains that we are here to experience a variety of things and to always remember that I am not the variety, I am also God.

What Is Mother Nature?

Mountain Range_edited.jpg

Sat explains what Mother Nature is.

Effect Of Trust Meditation On Children

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Sat is touched by the fact that our children grow up with the Sword of Truth that can tear through the curtain of pain and sorrow.

Why Do Bad Things Happen? Fear

Mountain Range_edited.jpg

Sat gives advice to parents to direct their child to the treasure house within themselves where they can always find comfort and protection.

For Children and Parents
Guided meditations for children and spiritual teachings for parents.   

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