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For Children and Parents
Guided meditations for children and spiritual teachings for parents.   

Guided Meditations For Children

Stay Meditation For Children

Sat guides a meditation that helps children to Stay when
they have fear or discomfort.

Relaxing Meditation For Children

In this audio, Sat guides children through a meditation that helps them relax their bodies and calm their minds.

Acknowledge The Light Meditation

Sat guides the children through a meditation that helps them to acknowledge their Light

Light Meditation For Children

Sat gently leads the child to look at the light of a candle and feel that light spreading within their own body.

Spiritual Teachings For Parents

Do Not Lecture Your Kids, Give Them A Tool

Mountain Range_edited.jpg

Sat guides parents to not lecture to their children when they are emotional, but instead to be very patient and give them a tool when the time is right.

Nail Biting

Mountain Range_edited.jpg

Sat advises parents on how to help their children with nail biting.


Mountain Range_edited.jpg

Sat tells us we are not here to gather concepts but rather to drop them.

Equip Your Child With Self Confidence, Independence And Joy

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Sat tells parents to prepare their children for the world by giving them tools and teaching them to rely on the Source.

What Is Mother Nature?

Mountain Range_edited.jpg

Sat explains what Mother Nature is.

Effect Of Trust Meditation On Children

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Sat is touched by the fact that our children grow up with the Sword of Truth that can tear through the curtain of pain and sorrow.

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