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Find Comfort in Uncomfortable Situations

Updated: Jan 31, 2021

Sat discusses how we can find true happiness by rejecting the idea that we should be comfortable.

Sat: How many of you feel that life is difficult? [Several people admit that they do.] Now what would happen if you say to yourself, “No, it’s not hard; it just is and I am just playing it out?” What would happen if you take the difficulty from it? Take the judgment of it being difficult away from it? I say what happens if, for a moment, we feel that what happened, happened. This life that you have is the life that you have, and instead of looking at its difficulty, focus on the execution of it. Just play it. Why do we have to give it a title? What is hard? Hard means not comfortable! Who said you have to be comfortable? Why do we always want it to be comfortable? Why can’t we be comfortable in discomfort? Why haven’t we looked at it this way? Why don’t we want to look at it this way? Why must we be comfortable? Why can’t we feel comfort in uncomfortable situations? Why? Who says you can’t? What is standing in your way? The only thing standing in your way is the repeated thoughts; just the mantra of negative thoughts.

Do you think that life is really comfortable for us here? I no longer know what comfort and discomfort even are. You must lose the feeling of discrimination - lose the feeling of discrimination. What does this mean? Did you think that when you came into this body that is how it was supposed to be? Who said that? How did you come to accept it? Understanding what I am saying is very hard. You have every right to argue with Me, but don’t do that. Just listen, don’t give Me any excuses; just listen because I have your freedom in mind! Who said you shouldn’t miss Me? Who said life shouldn’t have ups and downs? Who said everything must always be happy? What is happiness even? Is it deep sleep or sleeplessness? What is it? You must break these.

Who said to repeat your life’s story within yourself in a negative way? Who said you must have desires in order to be happy? Why can’t you be happy now, amidst feeling bad and without desires? Why must it be one way and not the other? Why can’t it be any which way and not matter? Why can’t it be like this? Breakage is progress. Can you break in comfortable situations? As long as you feel you are uncomfortable, you haven’t been broken enough. Once you can no longer tell the difference, you are Home. Wow, the Truth is so right on! Perfect! It is not an easy thing, but we have to be comfortable with it not being easy. It’s really interesting that very rarely can one go after and find the root of all the ups and downs in their life.

In the book "I Am The Child," the reality of this topic is spoken, that there is only one problem that gives rise to all the others, and that is birth. From the mother, father, the family and society, we were fed this belief (of birth) and we believed it so completely that we don’t even question it. We don’t ask, “What made me believe this? What made me believe when my mother told me that she wishes for me to always be happy and to be happy I should prefer to have comfort over discomfort?” What made me think that the reality of this life is happiness, and if I am unhappy, it means that something is wrong?

Now the Truth is telling us the truth. It says, “Question that which you believed.” Believing it and accepting it is enslavement; it is not being the master. We are so lucky that we are constantly fed the truth, little by little, and it is chiseling the false off of us. Hopefully, when everything is chiseled away, there will be nothing left of us, because this personality or entity was built from a lie and we believed that we are this lie; that it is us. And to believe the opposite takes work.

But the truth is so sharp and certain, yet at the same time so loving, that although it may be hard for us, we will somehow believe and accept it, because we know it will solve a thousand other problems. What is meant by this Truth is not that if you are having a challenge or are in a painful situation, to just tolerate and bear it, that is not what it is saying at all. If there is something that you can do about it, do that, if there is somewhere that you need to go [to take care of the situation] go there, if there is a decision that needs to be made, make the decision, etc. The point here is something different; while you are doing everything that you need to do, don’t get too attached to the emotions [that are a part of the situation you are dealing with].

When you are looking at a problem, don’t repeat it 24/7! Let it be like having a meal, the food is set in front of us, we eat it and then we go about our day; we don’t continue to think of what we ate, what it tasted like, etc. We don’t do that with what we ate, if it is water that we need to drink, we drink it and again we continue on with our day. We get upset, we show a reaction and then again we continue on with our day. This way it is not something we hold onto and keep asking ourselves, “What do I need to do to make sure that I am not uncomfortable like this again?” It is a very subtle difference, which is very, very important, where a person can pass through the situation or not, to be comfortable in the very moment that they are upset, or not be comfortable in those moments.

More than half of one’s life there is the search for happiness and comfort; after that when we have found it, we are so tired and miserable that we can’t make use of it. This Truth is telling us that we can be detached in any situation. What keeps us bound to the situation is imagined stories that we tell ourselves about the situation.

-From Sat’s monthly phone conference with young adults (“FDE”). FDE Phone Conference #74, July 08, 2018.

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