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Guided Meditations

Guided meditations for peace, happiness, and spiritual growth. 

Featured Content

Stay Meditation

Stay Meditation-No Where to Go

Contemplating Meditation

A contemplative meditation based on a compilation of Sat's teachings on impressions, memories and tendencies.

Guided Omnipresent Meditation

Sat stresses the importance of Omnipresent Meditation and how to do it the right way.

Meditation On The Divine Mother

Sat discusses the nature of the Divine Mother and guides us on how to acknowledge Her Grace, Grandeur, Love, Energy and Totality.

Trust Meditation-A Reminder Is Enough

Sat leads a beautiful Trust meditation.

Be Conscious Of Consciousness

Sat leads a guided meditation on Be Conscious of Consciousness.

Where Are You?

Sat guides a meditation to explore where your presence really is.

Let Go of Everything

Sat is guiding everybody to experience the pure Existence and pure Beingness.

Contemplative Meditation: The Kingdom Of Heaven

Sat leads a guided meditation on a parable from the Bible ("The kindgom of heaven is like a mustard seed.")

Contemplative Meditation: The World Is Within

In this twenty-minute meditation, Sat guides seekers to contemplate on whether the world is within or outside of them and explains the value of contemplation in general.

Silence In Relax Mode

Sat guides listeners to notice the silence in a relaxed mode during this meditation.

What Can I Be? Am I A Man Or A Woman

In this contemplative meditation audio, Sat guides seekers to experience their true essence through asking themselves a series of questions to find out who they really are.

Trust Meditation

In this trust meditation audio, Sat guides students to find the promise within and experience true surrender and serenity.

Meditation Is Who We Are

In this guided meditation from a private audio, Sat guides seekers to taste their true Self by dwelling on their own peace and perfection.

Omnipresent Meditation - Where Is God?

In this twenty-two minute guided meditation audio, Sat describes the allness and totality of God and leads an omnipresent meditation to experience it.

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