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Most Precious

Sat's seminal text provides answers to life's most profound questions.

Cause of Pain and SufferingSat
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Question 1: What is the cause of pain and suffering?

Answer: Pain and suffering are only products of the mind.  Go beyond the mind, and you experience no pain and no suffering.  ‘I’ exists not in the mind and the body, but beyond both.  Spend your allotted time finding that ‘I’ which, when it is felt by the body and the mind and found beyond both, suffering and pain cease existing in your consciousness.  Do not believe in the world!  Do believe in your ‘Sath-Chi-Ananda’, or ‘Truth, Awareness, Bliss.'  The world is make-belief; if you believe it, you believe suffering exists.  Rely on your conscious voice.

Question 36: What is the best way to be?

Answer: First be, then be “this” or “that” as you know the Truth.  First know you are merely acting on the universal stage; then act.  First find out that you are merely sleeping; then you are able to change the drawings, if, at that time, you even have a desire to change any appearances.  First realize the Truth about who you really are; then do.  Be, learn to just be.  Be ever full, be who you really are.  Be ever content, ever happy!  That is who you are.  Dwell in stillness.  As you go through life have your inner eye on your Isness, Beingness, Absolute, Ever-Existing, Never-Changing, All-Embracing “I”.

Question 25: My mind still nags at me.  How can we relieve this tendency of the mind?

Answer: Yes, the mind thinks, and it does it with a vengeance at times.  Yet the heart beats and we hardly complain about it, since it is its meritorious job.  So, treat both of them the same.  Mind your Being.  Stillness is where you reside; not in the thoughts, whether they are good thoughts or bad thoughts.  This way, it makes no difference to a watcher of the mind, but it makes a great difference to the one who converses actively with his mind.  Ignore its validity and accept its activity as something that the mind does.  That is all.  The sun shines, the clouds produce rain, the trees give shade, the dogs bark, and so on; add to this list: the mind thinks.  It’s that easy.

Question 19: Speak to us of death?

Answer: Death is continuation of life; you name it the end and therefore fear it, when in truth it is not that at all.  Death is as life is.  You put them in different compartments and then you suffer one and enjoy the other.  There is no death, I tell you.  Only the manifest, which is subject to illusionary time only because itself (manifestation) is also an illusion, seems to end. As this picture vanishes, another merges.  Really, life never dies.  Death is truly only an end to what is temporary.  That is all.  Death is not to be feared or loved, but to be understood.

About Most Precious

Most Precious begins with a beautiful, yet simple tale of seven children, who represent the mind, body and five senses.  They make a pact to climb to the peak of the highest mountain in their village. Their journey, full of ups and downs, is symbolic of the journey to Self realization. 


At the peak of the mountain, they meet a realized Soul who symbolizes their own reality and has the answers to humanity’s most burning questions about life, death, God, and everything in between. The 66 questions and answers in the book are truly transformative and have helped countless spiritual seekers find peace and freedom from the mind since its publication over twenty years ago.  


This book is the product of Sat’s journey to Self realization and to understanding the nature of perceived pain and suffering.

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Buy Most Precious

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