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Two Paths to Happiness

Updated: Apr 3, 2021

Sat discusses the two different paths (love and wisdom) through which one can achieve happiness and what is required to do so.

Sat: Happiness has the most meaning when it has meaning for you. The biggest gift that has been given to us in this dream is the revealing of a source within ourselves that is real and endless. It is open to all of us. By going to this Source, we can get our Freedom. Continuing to follow the path is in your hands. Your progress will depend on your interest, effort, patience, and practice. You may say, “But Sat, whatever will be, will be.” And that is correct. But interest, hard work, patience and practice play a part in the design. Working to increase your interest is also a part of what will be. We cannot sit down apathetically and say everything is alright.

There are two ways. Either you must have so much love on this path that through it you can experience your Oneness, or one must have great wisdom, without ego of being somebody or being the first to know something, in order to go after this love. Both ways will take you to the same place.

Our topic today is Happiness. It makes me so happy to hear that from Iran to America, and throughout the different cities, there are people whose Divine torch is lit. The result is that they can see the light of this source and live within it. The choice is yours. Either you can choose to live in this light and experience happiness or not. But you are not alone. Whether you see Me or not, whether you hear Me or not, you know the Source. If you don’t go to the Source, whose fault is it?

I want to say something very important to you today. We each have been shown how to wake up. But staying awake is up to you. Now you may ask, “But Sat, you always say whose fault is it?” When you come to this world, or you are in the bazaar, that is correct. But don’t tell Me that if you are lazy on this path, or you allow your interest to wane, that the path still owes you some progress. This has never happened.

Even the few people in this world who have achieved Self-Realization had to work at it. Whether they did labor or service or sat in a cave, they had to continually work at something. At times the mind will try to trick you. It will tell you that you are God, so what else is there to be done? Don’t be fooled! It is just the mind. Practice, practice and more practice is necessary. Even happiness is achieved with practice. When you say that you are always happy, how are you happy? Because with every thought that comes to your mind, you say, “No, I am not this.” You don’t go with the thought. This takes effort. It is the effort that does away with any other effort. You can say it is effortless effort. This process is similar to recycling. It is like the Oval Energy. Be happy! Do whatever you like in this dream, to the extent to which it doesn’t hinder your progress or put you to sleep. Keep one eye open to the world, and one eye open within. As it says in Most Precious walk with your eyes half open. We have the tendency to allow ourselves to get lazy and fall asleep. And then we must do whatever it takes to pull ourselves back up. And we must do it. It takes dedication, involvement, love and wisdom. I have done my work. For those of you with interest, you must do your work.

-From Sat’s monthly phone conference with young adults called, Foundation of Divine Era (“FDE”). FDE Phone Conference #24 March 10, 2013.

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