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Publications for Spiritual Awakening

Read Sat's classic texts on self realization and spiritual awakening.  


Books-Most Precious

Most Precious

Most Precious provides answers to life’s most profound and common questions such as:


  • What is the nature of pain and suffering?

  • What is happiness?

  • What is life?

  • Who are we?

  • Why are we here?

  • How to deal with death?


The 66 questions and answers in Most Precious are truly transformative and have helped countless spiritual seekers find peace and freedom from the mind since its publication over twenty years ago.  


Books - I am the child

I Am The Child

Through over 45 years of intensive study, meditation, practice and Self inquiry, Sat has produced a truly life-changing book for every parent and child. Her third publication, I Am the Child, is a roadmap for navigating and remedying the pain and suffering that comes with every birth. 


The book starts with an exploration of every person's true origin, which is Home, a pure awareness. It takes the reader on a journey that demonstrates that little by little, a child leaves this Home by beginning to identify with the mind, and here the trouble begins. Through simple and easy to follow, yet revolutionary steps, She shows us how to bring our attention back Home, and feed the pure awareness in ourselves and our children, rather than our minds. Through this process, parents will find their own expansion and gain tools to raise children who can maneuver through life with real self confidence, self knowingness and self acceptance.


Readers will be amazed because the transformation occurs with understanding and connecting with the words on the page; very little else is required on the reader’s part.

Books - Nazanine


Sat’s first publication, Nazanine, written in 1987, chronicles the first seven years of Her spiritual journey. It is the tale of how Sat’s love and devotion to Her own Guru, Sathya Sai Baba, ultimately led her to Freedom. With loving details and touching recollections, it describes Sat’s first five trips to visit Sai Baba at his ashram in Puttaparthi, India, the people She met along the way, the miracles that She witnessed, the essence of Sai Baba’s teachings, the inner communication that developed between them, and the personal transformation Sat underwent as a result of this love and these experiences. 

It is shared with extraordinary love, empathy and kindness. It is profound, yet simple with no pretence or unnecessary complications. It deeply inspires, teaches and offers simple, practical instructions. Nazanine is proof that sincerity in searching for Truth, combined with the love of a genuine Guru, can transform, transcend and put an end to pain and suffering. Shining through each sentence and word is the author’s potent love and pure intention aiming to help sincere seekers in their own journey towards the Truth.This book is a river flowing from a high and pure source. It shares hope and joy. The author’s purity and devotion stir something deep within, and have the power to transform those who read it.

Love and Wisdom

“Love and Wisdom” is a compilation of Sat’s own private diary writings throughout the years, chronicling an intimate affair between love and wisdom. It is the result of a lifetime spent on one-pointed devotion to finding the Truth. It contains an overview of Her fearless journey, starting with love and ending with wisdom, on Her path from self to Self.  In this book, Sat invites you to the highest peak, and She shows you the way back Home with love and wisdom.


This book is filled with invaluable writings that speak to that part within you which is longing for love and is beyond thirsty for understanding the truth of Existence. The delicacy with which these words are expressed soften the heart and open it for the highest of wisdoms to flow through. 


May we read each word of this book with the language of the heart and may we comprehend every sentence with an empty mind. May we freely and fearlessly dance to the shower of love and light of wisdom that this book contains.

Books - Love and Wisdom


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