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The Sat Foundation

Our Mission


The Sat Foundation focuses on helping people realize that they are not just human, but the Divine Being. The techniques and endless wisdom being offered make it easy for even an ordinary person to come across and find relief from pain and suffering. The Sat Foundation reaches out directly to those who need help in any capacity and partners with like-minded organizations, especially those who work with youth, the unhoused, the elderly, and other vulnerable groups.


Scotland Retreat Videos Are In!

Highly potent videos from Scotland, including beginner, intermediate and advanced interviews with Sat, along with elaborations on question and answers from Most Precious, are being added to our website daily. Check them out on the audio and video page under Teachings!

Serving Meals with the Reno Posse

We are continuing to collaborate with the Reno Posse, a group who serves hot dinners to our local unhoused community on a weekly basis. Our members provide 150 boiled eggs each week and join in to help them pack 150 hot meals and drive them through the downtown Reno area, dispersing them to those in need.

The Village on Sage Street

In November, we had the opportunity to provide a hot chili dinner to approximately 80 residents at a local shelter called the Village on Sage Street. Our community, including the children, had a wonderful time serving!

Helping Individual Families in Need

This fall, we were able to help an elderly couple who had fallen upon hard times with three months’ of rent while they got back on their feet. We are always looking for opportunities to help individual families in need so please contact us if you have anyone in mind!

Volunteering and Donating at the St Francis of Assisi Food Pantry

We continue to partner with The St. Francis Of Assisi Food Pantry through quarterly donations of much needed hygiene items in bulk, like toothbrushes, toothpaste, soap, shampoo, conditioner and razors, etc., that are made available to local families in need. Delivering and stocking the items is rewarding, but it does not compare to seeing the excitement on the faces of the family members when they find exactly what they were hoping for at the pantry..

St Vincent’s Food Pantry

In December, we are providing needed food items, along with warm winter clothing and items, to the St. Vincent’s Food Pantry to help the local unhoused whom they serve.

Guided, Live-streamed Meditations

We stream live guided meditations on Monday, Wednesday and Friday nights at 7p PST via Instagram (@trust_let_go). They are free and open to the public.

Make a Donation To The Sat Foundation

Dontion Anchor

All donations to the Sat Foundation are tax-deductible and will be used to help spread Sat’s teachings, publish Her works, benefit those in need, and improve accommodations for those who visit our community.

Click below to make a one-time donation or start a monthly subscription.

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