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Forest Trees

Sat’s teachings are for those who are truly ready to eliminate pain and suffering from their lives. Her method is called the Art of Living, which is the integration of spirituality into day-to-day activities. The Art of Living shows us how to handle life’s challenges with equanimity by giving no importance to the individual mind. With simple, yet extremely effective techniques, Sat’s teachings show a clear way to free ourselves of body identification and to live an extremely peaceful life, full of purpose and beauty. 

The Art of Living is being in the world, but through your practice and understanding, knowing that you are not of it.


It is understanding what is temporary and what is permanent, and living in the temporary on the permanent ground of the Self.  The Art of Living teaches us how to not be persuaded with every wind of emotion, mood, and fear, but to stand on this ground where we are still living joyfully in the world and performing our duties and playing our roles with love.  The Art of Living allows us to live a life that is beneficial to others, to give silence to ourselves, and to be a light to the world.

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