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Loving Versus Serving Our Children

Sat talks about spending true quality time with children.

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Question: How do we love our children and not serve our children? Would You please elaborate more on this aspect? Sometimes I get confused about this and would like to understand it better.
Sat: If your service does not feel like service, in other words it is not putting any strain on you, then it is love in action. But if you forget the feeling of love and you look at it as an obligation and duty, I would say you are doing too much for your children.
You are losing yourself by your approach, plus the children would like to be independent and have self-confidence. So, when we do too much service for our children, we take away their independence and self-reliance. I think every mother has to look at oneself, see where the problem is and try to adjust in a better way that is better for herself and her children. Sometimes when we are not too involved with our duty, we really enjoy doing things for our children. But then we take it too far, where we become resentful and tired, etc.
So, there is a balance that one has to see in their own life and what to do with it. Honestly the way I see it, when you have quality time with your children, they appreciate it more than any type of service and gifts. Just quality- heart to heart!

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April 04, 2024

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