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Using Trust Meditation in Your Daily Life

Updated: Mar 30, 2021

Sat discusses how to apply Trust Meditation while doing your daily work.

Sat: When we have nothing, we also have no fear of losing anything. In that case it is very easy to completely let go and have trust. But it is more beautiful to be aware of the Art of Living and be able to be detached even when we are in a good situation. This way, having and not having is the same for us. In this manner we feel free within our own being. How can this be possible? By doing the practices that we are doing here, like the Trust Meditation or anything else that brings about our expansion. Why is it that doing these practices or hearing the truth helps us? Because the things we hear throughout our daily lives have no reality; they are lies. But hearing the truth allows us to have a sense of discrimination with respect to what we hear throughout our lives, so that we can discriminate between what is real and what is unreal.

Trust completely and also do whatever is needed in the meantime. Do your duty and trust. Do your daily work and trust, and in this way your work is transformed to worship. Worship of what? Worship of your true Self. Is this easy? No, because we were taught everything incorrectly. But what matters is that eventually we will start this process. Starting this process is very important.

You can start with small matters. When you catch the mind worrying about something or creating a sad, emotionally inducing story, just Stop or Trust! What happens here is that you lose your tendency towards story-telling and sensitivity regarding that story. It is as though you are sitting in front of ten thousand mirrors, but with your eyes closed.

Yes, this is how we must live. This is the Art of Living in Truth, meaning to be able to trust so much that we have no need for thinking, yet we still do whatever we have to do. It seems really impossible, and some of you may think that I am living in a dream world. But I am honestly saying that life must be lived this way. All of the effort that we put forth to accomplish things is only for the mind’s development and progress, and has absolutely nothing to do with the Promise.

Throughout the day, remind yourself that your life revolves around this Promise, and you are not the doer. Trust and Stop Meditation are practically one, and anytime you go to silence, you have given the Promise attention, because the Promise says, “Come, come, if you come and stay with Me, you shall see how I will look after you and your affairs from the minutest to the greatest.” So trust doesn’t mean that you say, “How can I trust when I don’t have a problem?” And even when you do have a problem, don’t trust in this way. Trust means to say to the Promise, “If I am with You, I no longer feel as though I am the doer. I will come to You daily, at every moment that I am able, I will sit with You.” This causes you to understand that you are not the doer, and that you are sitting under the umbrella of grace. This is the Trust Meditation.

-From Sat’s book, "Silence of the Mind” (currently being translated from Farsi to English)

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