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Applying the Trust Meditation

Updated: Apr 3, 2021

Sat explains how to live life fully on the Trust Meditation.

Sat: I have been asked this question, “Even though the promise exists, is it still necessary for us to save money for the future?”

For the one who has complete and utter trust, it is not necessary, but you should know that it can’t be half-hearted. What I mean is that you either really have this trust or you don’t. If you don’t have trust, you have to work on it until you can obtain it, and in the meantime, do save money for your future. This is for one who is so completely saturated in this trust that he knows through experience, from where his money and supply comes. He knows 100% that his income and quality of life are provided by a limitless Source, and saving money for the future is meaningless. This is something that one either embodies and or realizes through the result of the practices they have done or continue to do. And that is why it is different for each person.

I was asked again, “Even though this promise does exist, is it still necessary to have a goal and or a plan, or is it not?”

If you think that you are merely a body with your very own set of characteristics, then I must say that you are fooling yourself by living like this. But if your consciousness is “this” (Sat points to a white piece of paper), then I promise you that your supply will find you. So that’s why I say that you can’t fake awareness; you either have this awareness or you don’t.

If you have this awareness, you don’t have to worry about money! Your supply is provided by the “One,” which is an unlimited Source. Health, welfare and comfort come to you from the One. All of these go back to the Trust Meditation that I spoke about earlier, and which we did together. In order to practice this meditation, you just need to sit down and remember the promise that was given to us at birth. This promise tells us, “If you don’t go with the thoughts, and you lean on Me, I will take care of you.” Whoever has the courage to test this truth will see that this method really works.

I must add that what I am describing is not about being lazy or weak, but rather it is a very, very effective method. This method is the best and most peaceful way of living in the world. A lazy person who doesn’t take responsibility for their life is a burden on society, what I am describing though is a person who removes society’s burden entirely, through their silence and their knowledge of who they really are. When we imagine that we are simply a human being, “doing” for us means thinking and performing various tasks. But as our consciousness expands, we realize that our supply has been hidden, yet residing within our own being.

With awareness of this promise, you no longer read the thoughts in order to obtain life’s necessities, they will be provided for you. But you cannot make use of this promise until it becomes your own. The good news is that this promise is more real than anything you can see with the naked eye. Once you become aware of the original promise that was given to you before you even knew you were a human being, you free yourself of stressful thoughts, from the past and the future and you live by the grace, or your true existence from then on.

-From Sat’s book, "Silence of the Mind” (currently being translated from Farsi to English)

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