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Trust Meditation 101

Updated: Jan 31, 2021

Sat discusses the value and technique of Trust Meditation.

Sat: Throughout our lives we have all surely heard different religions say, “Trust God, have faith, leave things in His hands, lay everything at God’s feet and surrender to Him.” But none of these have been truly beneficial for us. We might repeat 1,000 times a day, “God, I leave everything in Your hands,” but there still is a lot of worry and anxiety. Why is that? It is because the Source that we are trying to rely on is obscure; we don’t know who it is that we are relying on and it is only in our imagination. In that regard, the Trust Meditation is not a new revelation. The reason this method came to me was for the purpose of shedding some light on the idea of surrendering and leaving things in God’s hands. First and foremost, you should know that what I say to you is the Truth, since it comes from inner knowingness, meaning that true Source. You must all know that before this meditation was given to me, I neither asked for it nor had any idea that it existed; nevertheless, this truth was told to me and I was supposed to share it with everyone, since it was given to me with other people around, in one of my classes. And because of that, I knew that everyone could benefit from it. If the existence of this promise was given to me in my own private silence, I would not have brought it out for many years but this was not how it happened.

At the time when your Beingness enters this imaginary body, there is a dormant promise hidden within your existence. But what is this promise? In this promise it says, “If you do not go with your thoughts and TRUST ME, you will see the outcome.” But what is the difference between this method of surrendering yourself and the old way? The difference is that now there is a Source. This Source is not here and there; it is not in the sky, below the earth, under the sea, or anywhere else. Where is it? It is HERE (Sat points to Her heart). Then it is not far from us; on the contrary it is really close, and we know it is there. In time, through practicing and seeing for ourselves that it works, we will Trust it more and more. So what do we do with knowing this truth? Worries come, fear comes, happiness comes, sickness comes, everything comes, and we do what is necessary for the situation we are facing, yet at the same time we also have this knowledge to stand on the ground of the Promise that God says, “The more you let go and stand on the Promise that I have instilled in your being from the beginning of your life, you shall see that trusting this promise will open it up like a blossom.” By practicing this truth, we give it our focus, we accept it and we welcome it and because of that, this promise blossoms and becomes a beacon of light for our path.

The importance of any tool lies in understanding it; otherwise it is like playing with precious gems on the street thinking they are worthless marbles. What worth would these precious gems have for you? You will carelessly throw them around, because for you they are worthless, until one day a jeweler passes you by on the street and sees that you are playing with diamonds and pearls and would tell you, “I know how precious these are, give them to me.”

In order to practice any of the tools that have been given, you must first find your silence since the silence is the base and the foundation; without that foundation, it is like building a house with paper, a house built with paper will crumble with the slightest blow. The foundation is silence. So, to practice this meditation, in the beginning do it sitting down; later on, when you get used to it, it will no longer be necessary for you to sit down or even be reminded of doing it, because the flower within has automatically opened and does its thing. At the beginning you sit comfortably and say to yourself, “I am going to dedicate the next few minutes of my life, which is absolutely nothing in comparison to the infiniteness of Existence, and do the Trust Meditation.”

First find the silence in your Being and then say to yourself, “This promise is in me, and it will look after everything, from the smallest to the biggest things in my life. My only job is to accept it and release myself in this promise.” For sure by doing this, you will take a deep breath and this will come about on its own automatically, and that is because amidst the freedom you find, you will say to yourself, “Ah ...! All throughout my life, I worked so hard and put in so much effort just to keep my head above water; now I am told that the less effort, the more I can accomplish!” Of course don’t misunderstand me, in life putting in effort has its own place, but it should not take the place of the Trust Meditation; in this meditation there is only letting go and being liberated.

Now I would like to clarify the connection between Stop and Trust Meditations for you. The Stop and Trust Meditations are one and the same, but Trust Meditation is based on “bhakti” which means love & devotion and Stop Meditation is based on “jnana” which means wisdom. In actuality Trust Meditation is really the same as Stop meditation, but it is for people who are devoted to God, meaning that they love and need God immensely; and the Stop Meditation is the same as the Trust Meditation, it is for people who love and need freedom immensely. Stop Meditation puts the key in your own hands and Trust Meditation puts the key in your heart’s hand.

What does the Trust Meditation do? In this meditation, without you saying superficially “Lord, I have trust in You and I leave everything in Your hands,” you first Stop and empty yourself. At that time, you have a place that says, “If you do not take thought, I am with you and I will take care of you.” The first part of this promise that says, “If you do not go with thoughts …” makes the second part, which is “laying everything at the feet of God,” possible. Therefore, Trust Meditation is the mergence of wisdom and devotion and will take you to a place, as my Teacher says where the path of jnana and bhakti become one. What does this mean? This means that the people who are on the path of wisdom or jnana must empty their mind, and the ones who are on the path of devotion or bhakti must drop everything at the feet of the Truth.

What does it really mean? Within the body of every newborn, there is a dormant promise that says, “If you do not go with thoughts, I will take care of everything for you.” It means “you are God.” What is this promise? It is our reality, which is told in the form of the promise, so that the thinker and the thoughts can have a place where they can let themselves go. Where they can free themselves. They can free themselves in the promise, which is the same as the Truth of our being. But if the promise says to you, “You are God,” it will not have any meaning for you; even if you accept it, you will not be able to take advantage of it. But when it tells you, “Come to Me, I will set you free …” you will go to it immediately, because Trust is a process of total surrendering. With this meditation, you will have a method with which to go through the process. Yes, Trust is a process that begins with you going to the center of your Being, so you can surrender to the promise and little by little, you will see that this center that you thought is “the promise” is actually way beyond a promise! Because it is not outside of you, therefore it cannot be separate from you; so if it is not separate from you, it cannot not be of your existence. And if it cannot be separate from your existence, then it is your very own being.

Now, how should you practice this meditation? A promise was given to every being that has taken a body: “If you do not take thought, if you do not worry, and you do not hurry, and you ‘Stay’ when the thoughts are agitated, you will see that I will take care of you and your life!” This promise is the Truth of creation and it is very important for you to rely on it and accept it as true and real. Therefore, once you have contemplated on this a bit, this practice will be easier for you to do. Tell yourself, “I am going to sit in the silence in my heart and thoughts are not important for me; the only thing that is important to me is to sit and stay, just Stay!” And that is because in order to have this promise available and visible to us, we need to just Be, we need to find the silence! Because this promise says, “Instead of sadness, instead of fear, instead of being affected by the thoughts, just Be and trust the promise. In your Beingness, there’s freedom.” This Being and this promise is perfection and it is complete. Therefore, the Trust Meditation is one of the best methods for trusting God and one of the best methods to help you Stop easily, with respect to the mind.

As I said before, the Trust Meditation is not different from the Stop Meditation. If you try to trust the promise with your thoughts, you will come out of it with thoughts because the promise says, “If you do not go with your thoughts and not worry, I will take care of you.” So, when you go to the promise, go empty, because if you are not devoid of thoughts, you have not observed the primary condition that is set for the activation of this promise, which says “If you do not take thoughts …” In this case, we are either going to the promise full or we want to lay our “full-ness” at the feet of the promise; whereas the promise says, “If you do the Stop Meditation and master it, I will take care of you.”

Stillness or silence of the thoughts is a sign of trust. If Trust does not take us to silence, it means that we have not fully trusted. Therefore, Stop Meditation needs the Trust and the Trust Meditation needs the Stop. And that is because whenever we look at our thoughts and do not go with them, it is because we love our freedom and we want the trueness of the Promise to be proven to us. And whenever we go with the Promise, it means that we have kept our mind empty. Therefore, Trust Meditation is very potent since it can take us to One-ness from two directions.

You have to know that if you are looking to come to a conclusion or get certain results or achieve certain goals by using the Trust Meditation, you still have not grasped the truth of this meditation and you are not doing it correctly; even though doing it incorrectly is better than not doing it at all! True trust is when, through a lot of practice, your understanding of this meditation gets to be so great that no past, no future and no desire exist for you. And that is because when you do this meditation correctly, there is such an immense feeling of perfection and peace that to the degree that you correctly use this tool and trust this Promise, you see that even before the thought of lack comes to your mind, everything you need is provided for you. For sure, every one of you has experienced this at some point. So, until the time comes that this meditation becomes your life, do this meditation even if you are doing it wrong. To learn to do anything, you have to do it incorrectly so many times until you learn the correct way. And that is why your desire to do it is more important than doing it correctly; it is this desire that will open the way for you to see how to do it correctly. Now how can one do this? Trusting the Source of the Promise will cause you to come empty; and coming empty will cause you to have faith in this Source; meaning these two are not separate from one another. Therefore you have to practice the Trust so much that you no longer have to think about any result or desire. This is true surrender and trust, and as I said before, they go hand in hand with an empty mind. The more that the mind is emptied, the easier it is to trust; the stronger the trust is, the emptier the mind is!

But regardless, even if you go to the Promise because of desires and or problems, it means that you want to release the desires and the problems in the Promise. For a few moments, you let go of whatever it is and you say to yourself, “I prefer to sit in my trust.” In that moment take your attention away from your problem and focus it on the Promise … I mean do this for real! If you really do this, your problem will no longer be important for you, and the result will no longer be important either. This in and of itself will allow you to see the problem in a new light; therefore, the result of being close without desire, will do its work. The only thing you need to do is to go to the Promise without need. Even if you are doing the Trust Meditation in order to solve your problem, at the time you are doing this practice, sit devoid of need.

The Trust Meditation penetrates little by little, because for years and years and lifetime after lifetime, we have not used this dormant promise. Therefore, do not expect to be able to wake up overnight, unless it is your destiny to do so. Practice this method with interest and enthusiasm. At times it may be hard and at times it may be easy; sometimes the result is immediate and at other times it isn’t. But do know that throughout the history of mankind, whoever this Promise has been revealed to and has practiced it, has benefited from it immensely, and it is possible that they might not have shared it with anyone at that time. As you may know, the Bible says that if you do not take thoughts and not worry, you will be taken care of; “Therefore I tell you, do not worry about your life, what you will eat or drink; or about your body, what you will wear. Is not life more than food, and the body more than clothes? Look at the birds of the air; they do not sow or reap or store away in barns, and yet your heavenly Father feeds them. Are you not much more valuable than they?” (Matthew 6:25-34). And right now, we have a Source that makes things easier for us than before. Because we know the promise is here (Sat points to Her heart) and here is relaxation (Sat points to Her head).

-From Sat’s book, "Silence of the Mind” (currently being translated from Farsi to English)

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