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How to Find and Maintain Peace

Updated: Apr 3, 2021

In this excerpt from Sat's book, Most Precious, Sat tells simply how to have a peaceful life.

Most Precious Question 62. “Speak to us of peace.”

A. You are peace. But, if you mean peace of mind, a desire-less, ever content mind is a peaceful mind. In the depth of the ocean everything is peaceful and calm. On the surface commotion appears. In the depth, you are peace; pay no attention to the mind. The mind thinks, so let it do its work. Separate your Self from your thoughts. You are not the thoughts.

Next time you get angry, watch your thoughts and emotions without getting involved. You will see that there is a tendency to react; watch the reaction, don't stop it, just be vigilant. First, you will learn that in reality you are indeed separated from your reactions. Second, you will see that you don't have to be a slave to your reactions. Then, you will be able to choose whether to go with your tendencies or see them for what they appear, and move on. Now, the result of this exercise will eventually replace your un-peaceful thoughts with peaceful thoughts. At first this work may be quite difficult because, even though you watch your anger at the very beginning of the process, still the anger can come back every time you think of the situation that made you angry. So again, if you really want to move on from a reactive life of ups and downs to a peaceful life, be interested in overlooking the old tendencies of the mind as something useless and even harmful.

- From Sat’s book, “Most Precious,” p.90.

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