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Finding Peace by Practicing "Just Be"

Updated: Mar 30, 2021

Sat leads a group through the practice of "Just Be" and discusses how to have true peace.

Someone says: Could we be attached to having peace?

Sat: Yes, even the desire of having peace is an attachment.

Of course, it is very important to desire having peace or freedom, but after a long time, because it happens automatically, you will know that peace is not even a big deal, because you are totally disassociated with the mind. The mind experiences peace and the mind experiences no peace, and it just doesn’t matter anymore!

Someone says: As You said, peace is a game of the mind so it doesn’t matter, so what does ultimately matter?

Sat: Nothing matters. That is it; that is the answer. Nothing matters; why? Why is it that ultimately nothing matters? I am not saying peace is not good, because our nature is peace. But when we say “I have peace,” we are also inviting its opposite.

Now... Just to BE; Just to BE.

I am going to practice how to Be with you, and I am not saying this because I am an individual, but it is very rare for both the Truth and a method to be given at the same time, so you can experience it and make it your own.

Now we are going to exercise how to Just Be.

With eyes half open, stare at anything that you want.

Now bring your attention down from within towards the heart, towards the chest, and the heart I am talking about is to the right of the actual physical heart.

And Just Be.


Just stay in that region.

Don’t be this or that.

Not the witness or the object being seen.

Allow the mind to do whatever it wants.

You don’t lose your focus.

When it goes back up, just bring it back down again.

It is just a shift of attention.

Just Be.



Be very calmly and simply.

Without any reasoning, Be.

Without any delay, Be.

Right here, Be.

Without any cares, Be.

Just Be.

If you’re uncomfortable, still Be.

Be in the region of the heart.

Allow the discomfort to be there on its own.

Just Be.


And feel the silence.

When you are walking, Be.

You’re in a taxi, Be.

You’re at work, Be.

Feel your Being.

Feel your Being.

This is the secret of living.

Just Be.

Don’t do anything, Just Be.

Very simply, Be.

Release yourself and just Be.

(Everyone practices this method in silence for a while)

Sat: This is the State of being, this is our nature. When you stare at something, you do not have any judgments. For a moment you just are, you neither want to Be, nor not want to Be; you just are! The whole problem is wanting to Be or not wanting to Be, but the Being itself does not create any problems. Just Be, be present. This practice creates a unity with our true nature.

How was it for you? (Sat asks someone)

That person: There was nothing.

Sat: This is our nature; can you say it is peace? Can you say this is not peace? Can you say it is love? Can you say it is not love? It just Is and in that Is-ness, there is nothing but perfection.

The same person says: But having peace is beneficial for me, because having peace helps me seek the Truth even more.

Sat: Yes, that is the reason you have peace, but what I am saying is that ultimately our natural state is even more precious than peace. Had you not at least tasted the peace, you would say, “What are you talking about? This is a waste of time!”

What happens here? Whatever is un-peaceful is replaced with peace. As you see, not having peace will cause us to go after peace and experience peace within ourselves. So with the right path, all of our weaknesses become our strengths. Until it gets to a point that you experience your natural state of Being so much that it is always like what we experienced just now. It is the state of Is-ness, that is the final; You just are.

Someone says: With Your teachings I now live my life with love. Living this way is completely new to me, but I really do enjoy it. Sometimes though, I am in battle with myself.

Sat: My sweetheart, this is because you are telling yourself, “I should not get angry with anyone, I should be a good girl, etc.” Your problem is duality, meaning believing in opposites. You have replaced what a bad girl should be with what a good girl should be, but you have not realized your Self yet. You have changed your clothes and thank God for that. But the reason that you are still uncomfortable and battle yourself is that as I have said before and have shocked you all, a good person is good, but they do not know what being Divine is. Good is good and bad is bad, but he who has realized himself is neither “this” nor “that.” Since you have completed the bad with the good, you have fallen onto this path. But you still do not have peace. Why? Because you have completed these two, but both of these must go and only this (One) remains. (Sat raises Her index finger to demonstrate this)...

-From "Persian Retreat" 1-20-06, morning session

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