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Finding Your Peace by Finding Your Home

Updated: Mar 30, 2021

Sat discusses how our true Home is inside of us and how to access it.

Sat: Let us find HOME, that quiet place that Jesus called the “Kingdom within.”

Every time that the mind is ignored or a desire in the mind is ignored, we are Home. Every time we stop going with the thoughts, we are Home. This is what happens invariably; Home is the silence when one does not identify oneself with the mind and its activities. And this is exactly why we do the Stop Meditation. It is amazing how important it is to be Home often.

Whenever we have a task that we need to get done that requires us to use our five senses, we use them and then immediately thereafter we take our focus back Home again. We therefore conserve the five senses and that is a peaceful mind. That is what being at Home often is all about.

Home is very peaceful. By dipping in Home, our mental state will be in better harmony. Many people who do not go Home enough will have a lot of mental or emotional problems. So we have to go Home as much as we can. Home is that silence ... where you do not go with your thoughts; when you Stop, that is Home. So it is a very important place to be.

We are so fascinated with what we see, hear, etc., and, yet whatever we see or hear has originated from the inside. In other words, when you sit by the window and watch the snow fall down, you feel a certain peace and serenity in you. You may even have other feelings, like being homesick. Did every drop of snow bring joy to you as it fell, or make you feel homesick? Are these feelings incarnated in every drop of snow? Or did it come from you? What we see outside is really a creation of what is inside. So the more peaceful we are, the more we will be put in peaceful situations; and the more chaotic we are in our minds, the more we will be placed in chaotic circumstances. This is because the outside is a reflection of the inside.

In order to get Home, you just have to know what is not your Home! A lot of things that we think are our Home actually take us away from our Home. Home is that tranquility which each one of us experience within ourselves, and that tranquility is the base of the universe. No matter where we are in the universe, if we know the method of going Home, we will find Home immediately.

Being Homesick, is a very good feeling; I call it yearning. Believe me, I have been Homesick so many times in my life; but eventually, we have to realize that Home is closer to us than our own body, because we are constituting our own Home. Then, the more we are Home, the less we take thoughts such as, "What is my future going to be like? How am I going to pay for this or that? What should I do tomorrow? Did I do well ten years ago? Should I be with this or that person? Should I answer this call?" Everything happens spontaneously in the form of grace. Since there is no mind, something else takes over and what takes over is All-Knowing.

In order to be Home with the eyes open, all we have to do is believe that we are already Home, and everything else will fall away. But if we look for it, we start a struggle! So when we open our eyes and we go about our business daily, let us remind ourselves that "I am the Home, I am That, no matter what I am doing."

The world is a fearsome jungle if you don’t have that anchor! I don’t know how people can survive without it; I don’t know how I survived before having that anchor. It is, however, very possible to use that anchor, to go Home to recover, to go Home and have healing, to go Home to rejuvenate yourself, and to go Home to stay and function from there. That is a realized person, one who functions from Home!

Each one of us is an embodiment of God, we are embodiments of love. The treasure house that we have will never be taken away from us, it cannot be burnt down, it cannot be flooded, and it cannot be ruined. Having this knowledge, let us make it the priority of our lives to find this treasure, to use it, to swim in it, to exist in it, and from there benefit the whole universe.

-From “Home Meditation” DVD, May 17, 2005: Sat’s Weekly Class

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