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Omnipresent Meditation 101

Updated: Apr 3, 2021

Sat discusses the value and technique of Omnipresent Meditation.

Sat: We do the Omnipresent Meditation so that we can feel God within our own being; the God that is Omnipresent, Omniscient and Omnipotent. This meditation closes the gap between us and that which we imagined God to be. With this practice, we no longer have to look to the heavens to feel God. The Omnipresent Meditation is an extremely powerful, sharp and beneficial tool, and it is for those who want to be free of the temporary, false and meaningless imagery they had built of God, in order to feel God’s true Reality. This meditation doesn’t have to be long; it’s better to do it for short periods of time but more frequently. Do this meditation each time you remember it throughout the day.

This meditation was one of my first meditations, but why? We have to understand why it has value. Throughout life, we consistently direct our five senses outwards, and therefore we have never made a connection between ourselves and our inner Divinity.

The Omnipresent Meditation allows us to introduce ourselves to the true Self. The Omnipresent Meditation gives us the opportunity to meet our true Source, so that the Truth can make itself apparent to us. This is why it is such a valuable meditation.

Now, how do we introduce ourselves (to the true Self)? We all know that in the Quran, the Bible, the Bhagavad Gita and other holy, religious books, it is said that God is everywhere. So we will use this wisdom in order to feel God within our own being.

First, wherever we are, we make ourselves comfortable and we sit, whether in the kitchen, the car, the street, the park or on a mountain top, we sit for a few minutes. What matters is that we sit with interest and with the expectation to make a connection with Divinity and our inner Reality and free ourselves. For a few minutes, we forget the world and everything else, and nothing else matters to us for those minutes.

Before we begin the meditation, we loudly say "Ah" several times (Ah is a sign of becoming lighter and freer). Each time we say "Ah" we breathe in deeply and pause, and then we breathe out calmly with the sound of "Ah." Again we pause and we turn our concentration within, and feel our being getting calmer. We do this several times. Then we close our eyes and bring our attention down, towards the chest. There we look for the silence. Where is the silence? (Sat points to Her heart and continues) Silence is here. So bring your attention here. Even though silence is Omnipresent, you can feel it in the region of your heart. Find the silence both within you and outside of you, and once you touch that, with the love and interest that you have for your freedom, the Truth and God, allow yourself to be absorbed in that silence, and say "Ah." Then in silence, say, "Since God is everything" or just say, "God is everything," and bring your attention to this sentence or any other sentence that points to the totality and the infinite nature of God. "God is everything...everything." You must tailor this sentence to fit your own being; a sentence that is boundless for you, and points only to un-limitedness. You can use any name for God or the Truth. For now, we will use the word "God," as this is the name that I started with.

Say, "God is everything" or "Since God is everything" and after saying this, enjoy the existence of such a truth, because this sentence speaks to God’s grandeur. Your head will undoubtedly nod in agreement or you may take a deep breath. Pay attention here to the fact that when we say "everything" we don’t have to think about every object, or each individual person, or the inner workings of nature. When we say "everything" it refers to the Omnipresent, and there is no need to imagine anything, just Omnipresence! Pay attention to how big and limitless this is and look at it with a sharp concentration. After you feel the Omnipresence and the vastness of it, and after thoroughly enjoying the totality and unlimited nature of God, very slowly, without rushing, say "So what can I be? Ah…What can I be?" When we say, "So what can I be?" through the attention we have given to the Omnipresence, and thereby being certain that It is everywhere, meaning there is no place in which It isn’t, we immediately feel a closeness and a deep connection within our being, or we feel joy or freedom.

Everything happens within us. Don’t rush; if you rush, the mind gets used to rushing and then the connection comes from the mind instead of the heart. Doing this practice allows the petals of the heart’s blossom to start opening more and more and more ... the blossoming of this heart blossom is freedom, freedom, freedom, freedom ... then sit in this freedom.

Afterwards, open your eyes; smile and go about your daily life. Again, your inner tells you "Come." And again, give it importance. You sit once again and go within, find the silence, give its vastness importance and in this vastness pay attention to the One-ness. By doing that, the petals of the heart’s blossom will open again, you will feel the freedom, and again you get up and get on with your daily work.

Two times, three times, five times, ten times, one year, ten years, etc. You do this until the petals of the heart’s blossom stay open continuously, meaning that you do not have to sit anymore.

Yes it is this way; the world closes the petals of the blossom, and connecting to the Truth and your attention opens it. So don’t be disappointed if you feel separated; the feeling of separation means the petals of the blossom have closed and this is natural. You have to practice this connection in the face of worldly and everyday thoughts so much that little by little, this blossom stays open longer and longer each time and closes later and later, until it stays open permanently. This moment may take place during our last breath, or it might be much sooner, or even with the first practice, or it could be in our next lifetime … the timing of this is not important; what is important is that it has started, so continue this practice without any doubt about its results. And yet at the same time, the result of this practice shouldn’t be important for you either. Rather what is important is that connection and that "Ah!" (that comes from within) and the minute to minute opening that is experienced.

The fabric, needle, thread and pattern have been given to you now, and through your practice and your perseverance, you can sew this meditation to suit you. You must tailor the Omnipresent Meditation to fit your interest and your individual personality, until it fits you just right, because what might work for each person may be different. You will slowly get the hang of what works for you.

-From Sat’s book, "Silence of the Mind” (currently being translated from Farsi to English)

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