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Focusing on the Unlimitedness of the Omnipresent Meditation

Updated: Apr 3, 2021

Sat gives guidance on how to do Omnipresent Meditation in the most beneficial way by dwelling on the unlimitedness of God.

Sat: When I tell you to contemplate on God’s grandeur in the Omnipresent Meditation, I don’t mean for you to dissolve every little thing in it, one by one. This meditation is like a fire amidst a dry forest whose potential is limitless. Just focus on its unlimited-ness, unlimited-ness that is formless, not unlimited in a form! Tell yourself, "The Omnipresent knows no bounds. God is everything, everything, everything"… contemplate on "everything," not on a tree or the neighbor’s house. "God is everything, everything, everything … so who am I? Everything … so who am I?" It is in this moment that something happens, or something is touched within your being. The first time that this happens, the gates open up, and then each time thereafter it gets bigger and bigger.

The result of the Omnipresent Meditation is something very personal; meaning you can’t even find two people who have felt the same experience doing the Omnipresent Meditation. But what is clear is that doing this meditation has a positive effect for all of us in its own way. It might for example be a limitless sense of joy, or an "Ah," or a sense of relief, or a feeling of weightlessness, or a stirring within, or a beautiful embrace, or a powerful wisdom, or silence. As I said, while doing the Omnipresent Meditation, it’s very important that the first part lays the foundation for the second part. When you say, "God is everything … everything … everywhere … everything … God is the totality, the totality, the totality …" you no longer pay any attention to each individual person or place. The totality is limitless, like a spool of fabric that continues forever, with which you could cover the entire world. When I say, "totality" it doesn’t mean to tell ourselves "Then God is also my neighbor; then He is this or that too." In this totality, the shapes disappear, as the Omnipresence is a very big tool for dissecting the truth. When you say, "Since God is everything … " your complete concentration must be down (in the region of the heart). Then you start to feel it; that first part of the meditation causes you to feel something. Then you ask, "So who am I?" or "So what can I be?" Because you prepared yourself for the totality of God in the first part of the meditation, you dissolve in it for one second - that one second is worth as much as the whole world … it’s worth an entire world!

-From Sat’s book, "Silence of the Mind” (currently being translated from Farsi to English)

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