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Doing Omnipresent with an Open Heart

Updated: Apr 3, 2021

Sat shares more on experiencing omnipresence and feeling God's All-ness.

Sat: The Omnipresent Meditation is one of those practices which, if you do it with an open heart, you will immediately meet God, you will immediately meet the Truth. There is no middle man nor is there any mental gymnastics involved…you will come face to face with God. Not only will you come face to face with God, but you will also see God’s Omnipresence in everything and in every form. This practice is very simple and basic, and yet it has the power to create a stirring within us.

Now, let’s all close our eyes and bring our attention down, to the right side of the heart, and feel the silence. In this silence, we say a nice ‘Ah…’ and then we say, ‘Since God is Omnipresent, and is the only existence’ or ‘Since God or the Truth is everything…everything…everything…everything…and always will be everything, always…always…always…so what can I be?’

When God is Omnipresent and is the only existence, then health does not exist; unhappiness does not exist…only God is. The body does not exist; not having the body does not exist…only God is. Positive thoughts do not exist; negative thoughts do not exist…only God is. Husband does not exist; wife does not exist…only God is. Sorrow does not exist; joy does not exist, only God is. You do not exist; I do not exist…only God is. Only God is; only God…only God!

-From Sat’s book, "Silence of the Mind” (currently being translated from Farsi to English)

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