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The Punches of the World

Updated: Mar 30, 2021

Sat discusses how to deal with life's ups and downs through prevention.

How do you protect yourself from the punches of the world and how do you center yourself amidst them? This needs years of prevention and the majority of us have not done years of prevention. Prevention means that you dwell in a high place before the punches come, so when they come, you are ready. So, we feel like our shield is down, when we are getting punches. I can tell you something that is the truth, whether you want to accept it or not, whether you are getting punches and continue to be punched, it is better to continue digging in and start prevention now, than to try to cover and protect yourself with every punch that comes at you from the world. This is because the nature of existence, as we know it from the outside (again there is no inside or outside, but for our purposes I have to talk this way), is to give punches and take punches. It is like the ocean, when you are on top of the ocean, when you are swimming there are waves, there are days when the waves are horrendous, but no matter how horrendous the commotion on top of the ocean is, as soon as you put your mask and oxygen on and you go deep down, you find that there is nothing going on, everything is peaceful.

-Excerpt from “Be Nothing” DVD, 9/27/04: Sat’s Weekly Class

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