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Dealing with Anxiety and Negative Emotions Part II

Updated: Apr 3, 2021

Sat discusses several tools and practices to help with being sick and upset.

Someone asks Sat how to deal with being sick and upset.

Sat: I call our Divine tools “meditations;” one of these meditations is very effective for this particular situation. Anytime thoughts from inside or someone from outside bothers you and stirs up your emotions, immediately go and sit in the place that you usually go for practicing silence and tell yourself, “I am no body and I do not know anything.” Sit in silence and dive deep into this phrase. You are no body! Could anyone’s words or behavior affect something that is not an individual, meaning that it does not have a body and or a mind? By saying “I am no body and I don’t know anything,” what words, deeds or worries can affect you?

Each time before going into silence tell yourself, “I am no body and I do not know anything.” When you say that, you watch yourself get empty, and the luggage that you carry drops and you become free from all the repeated thoughts. I am not saying to not get help from doctors and medications, if you need them, you should certainly use them; there is no shame in doing that. But whether you use medication or not, it is better for you to liberate yourself from the gutter of ignorance of this world! This is My advice to all humans and even animals.

At this time, because of believing all the thoughts and lies of this world, we have put ourselves in a ridiculous bind. Each and every one of us is part of Divinity. With the expansion of our consciousness, we will understand that we are not only part of Divinity, but that we are the totality of God.

Remember the Omnipresence Meditation: “When God is everything and everywhere, then what can I be?”

This is very simple: if God is everything, would He get upset? Would He read thoughts? Would He get sick? Would He get depressed? No ... No ... No ... No! So why should I get upset? Why would I read thoughts? Why would I get sick? Why would I get depressed? So this is a false belief! Therefore, I will no longer accept that! Since God is everything and everywhere, then how can I be sad, sick and helpless?

In the same manner, cross out every one of your beliefs, one by one. This will not happen overnight, but it is never too late. Even if we are 80 years old and come to a meeting like this and hear these truths, we have to count our blessings that we were able to hear the Truth of who we really are before we die.

Whatever you see in the world comes and goes (it is impermanent) because they are all illusions. The outside world is nothing but an illusion. What is an illusion? Illusion is the reflection of your own mind. Clear your mind, and your world will be cleared too. Now how can you clear your mind? With silence, letting go, searching for the Truth, with the understanding of "When God is everything and everywhere, then what can I be?"

Imagine that you are upset about something. Now ... with everything that you know about the Truth, sit and contemplate on “When God is Omnipotent, how can these thoughts have any power over me?” Then you can cross them all out and erase them. Erase, erase and keep erasing them and it will be ok as time passes. Never have the feeling of desperation. I understand your position and your desperation, since where you are standing, so many thoughts are attacking you and making you feel hopeless. But I am telling you, do not be sad or disappointed, because you have several tools that even just a single one could save you and help you not go along with these upsetting thoughts. The key is to use these tools and not let them slip out of your hands. Practice, practice, practice … I Myself have been practicing for 30 years now. Practice and you will see for yourself that every day you will be better than the day before.

Let all the problems in your life take you to a deeper silence and remind you to practice more often. In the past, whenever I had any idea of failure, I would translate it to mean that I need silence more often or that I have to know my Self better, or that I have to work on myself more. So allow all unpleasant events to turn into an opportunity instead of misfortune and despair.

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