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The Nature of the Mind

Updated: Apr 12, 2021

Sat discusses the true and pure nature of the mind and how to return to it through Stop Meditation.

Sat: The nature of the mind is pure energy that is neither good nor bad. I can give you an example that will make this clearer.

Imagine that you want to send a telegraph to one of your friends. You go to the phone company and write what you want to say, using the telegraph machine in the form of various clicks, and send it to your friend. Your friend receives these clicks. When using the telegraph machine, you can only send clicks, and in order to receive your message, the one who receives the telegraph must know how to read the clicks that were sent.

This is the story of the mind. As its nature, the mind is still, unmoved energy, but when duality came into appearance, and the physical body came into appearance, which requires duality, the mind started to circle around itself, like a dog chasing his own tail. Each person who was born has five senses, and each of them send their five senses outward for some purpose. Of course the degree to which different people do this will vary, or some people might only send their senses to specific places. The five senses bring information to the mind, like the clicks of the telegraph machine, and the mind reads the information and interprets it based on the family situation, life’s circumstances and its past lives. After a while, you accept the information, meaning the information gets accepted, and by doing so it gets stamped and that is how one becomes imprisoned!

At this time, the mind has impure energy; energy that is in constant motion in duality is impure, meaning it has veered away (from its origin). Although this energy is constantly moving, in actuality it doesn’t get anywhere. This energy is a turbulent energy in the form of ideas, acceptance and beliefs of the ideas, which is being read constantly. It is continuously in the process of circling itself, meaning it circles back around, and like the sun and the moon, it continues to orbit, and continuously shows us the same thing. That’s why we have repeated thoughts. Repeated thoughts may come a thousand times in one day. For example, the mind constantly says, “Why did you do that? Why did you tell so and so about that?” Again and again, over and over…Why? Because it is constantly in the process of spinning around itself, meaning it never quieted down.

So it must be invited to quiet down, and this happens when a person takes their attention and their belief away from the mind. But we can’t take the beliefs and the concepts of the mind away through battling with them or even giving them compassion. So what should we do? We must take its power away by not giving it attention. But how? We must put our attention somewhere else, but where? We must put our attention on the one who pays attention, meaning the “thinker.” By doing so, this energy will slowly quiet down by itself. And then what? Little by little, the drawings and the images within it start to fade, and instead of presenting all the garbage, the mind transforms into a beautiful vehicle for the truth.

With meditation and turning the attention back to the self (the small self) the mind quiets down, and the image we had of the self dissolves in the silence. Know that the mind’s job is to think, but at its core, it was a colorless energy upon which the colors black and white were introduced, it is like a colorless fabric that we bring to the world of beauty and ugliness and then ask, “Why is it giving beauty and ugliness back to me?” Energy is colorless; presence is colorless, but we continuously dipped them into the colors black and white; white was good and black was bad. Again, white was good and black was bad. But in reality, amidst any white, black exists and amidst any black, white exists. So what should we do now? We don’t bother with the fabric or its color; we just stick to the presence.

But we can’t find the presence, unless the five senses are dipped completely in the Truth, and we do the Stop Meditation to quiet the mind. When these two colors start to fade in the mind, what will appear? The colorlessness and in this colorlessness, you will see your reality, meaning the presence becomes apparent. Then you will understand that the same mind that was once black and white is in reality neither good nor bad.

From Sat’s book, "Silence of the Mind” (currently being translated from Farsi to English)

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