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How to Relieve a Nagging Mind

Updated: Apr 12, 2021

A short Q&A from Sat's book "Most Precious" on how to not be bothered by your mind.

Q25. “My mind still nags at me. Speak to us of how to relieve this tendency of the mind.”

A. Yes, the mind thinks, and it does it with a vengeance at times. Yet the heart beats and we hardly complain about it, since it is its meritorious job. So, treat both of them the same. Mind your Being. Stillness is where you reside; not in the thoughts, whether they are good thoughts or bad thoughts. This way, it makes no difference to a watcher of the mind, but it makes a great difference to the one who converses actively with his mind. Ignore its validity and accept its activity as something that the mind does. That is all. The sun shines, the clouds produce rain, the trees give shade, the dogs bark, and so on; add to this list: the mind thinks. It’s that easy.

From Sat’s book, "Most Precious,” p.64-65.

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