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Speak to us of Pain and Suffering

Updated: Apr 3, 2021

In this excerpt from Sat's book, Most Precious, Sat tells simply how to go beyond pain and suffering.

Most Precious Question 1. "Speak to us of pain and suffering."

Answer: Pain and suffering are only products of the mind. Go beyond the mind, and you experience no pain and no suffering. ‘I’ exists not in the mind and the body, but beyond both. Spend your allotted time finding that ‘I’ which, when it is felt by the body and the mind and found beyond both, suffering and pain cease existing in your consciousness. Do not believe in the world! Do believe in your ‘Sath-Chi-Ananda,’ or ‘Truth, Awareness, Bliss.' The world is make-belief; if you believe it, you believe suffering exists. Rely on your conscious voice.

-From Sat’s book, "Most Precious

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