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How to Overcome Fear

Updated: Apr 3, 2021

In this excerpt from Sat's book, Most Precious, Sat tells simply how to handle fear.

Most Precious Question Q42. “Dear One, speak to us of fear.”

A. That’s only duality! Conditioning in that duality, and ignorance in the form of warnings. To demonstrate it to you: hold a finger up. What you see is One. If nothing exists but that One, why should the One be afraid, since there is nothing to be afraid of?

We have fear of disease, although we know that disease, disharmony, and discord were not made by God; therefore, they were never made. Fear of death – why? If One was, is, and will be to eternity, what is to die? Fear of natural disasters? It is the same thing, because all fears are created by duality. If we do not resist or fight it, but turn to it to inquire about its source, fear will be found to be nothing – not a thing, no base!

So, in order to be free of ignorance or fear, have a single eye. Inquire into the fear and drop the veil: you will see nothing behind it. Yet all along you thought there was a threat awaiting you. The formula to follow is: duality plus body-consciousness equals fear. Single eye plus “I” equals fearlessness. For in discord – like anger, jealousy, fear, doubt, or any undesirable tendencies – the remedy is One. Go back from untruth to the Truth, from false learning to the true realization of the Oneness. This will remedy all fears. All the above, plus everything else is to be transcended to one Truth, one being, one existence, one source without beginning: timeless, spaceless, deathless, without a cause or reason “I.”

-Excerpt from Sat’s book, Most Precious, p.78.

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