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Sat's Relaxation Meditation for Children

Updated: Mar 30, 2021

Sat guides children through a meditation that helps them relax their bodies and calm their minds.

Relaxation Meditation for Children - Transcript

Now we start relaxing our bodies.

Let’s start with our forehead. Relax your forehead.

Relax your eyebrow and your eyes.

Relax your eyelid.

Relax your cheek.

Relax your ears.

Relax your jaws.

Relax your neck and shoulders.

Relax your arms and your hands.

Relax your fingers. Let them be open and relaxed.

Relax your back.

Relax your chest.

Relax your tummy. Relax your tummy.

Relax your thighs and your legs.

Relax your feet and your toes.

Relax your head and your thinking.

Let it all go.

Let yourself sink and just stay with this silence. There is a silence. Stay in there.

Let your breathing calm down.

And just relax and let go.

And feel free and light and quiet. Very quiet.

The body is relaxed, the head is relaxed, the thoughts are relaxed and we sink down in a beautiful, comfortable place of light and joy.

Just stay in that place, happily and quietly.

Feel the silence that is in you and surrounds you.

-From: Private Conversation February 05, 2020

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