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Light Meditation for Children

Sat gently leads the child to look at a candle light and feel that light spreading within their own body. It helps to relax and soothe young children.

Light Meditation for Children - Transcript

Let’s take a look at the candle with the eyes half open. We just look at the flame of the candle, the light of the candle. We take a look at it for a couple of seconds, just the light of the candle and we quietly close our eyes now. And we bring our attention to our forehead between our eyebrows, there we imagine the light of the candle, a light that is cooling and soothing, it is a comfortable light. This light is in our forehead, we imagine it with our eyes closed. As we look at this light more and more inwardly, it becomes stronger. And we see the light and like a river it begins to move down from our forehead into our eyes, it is like a sunshine. We see the light coming down into our face, our eyes, and we say to ourselves, ‘These eyes are God’s eyes. They are divine eyes.’ Then we see it pouring down into our face, and into our ears. And we say ‘These ears are God’s ears.’ And the light begins to come down like a river into our mouth, and we say ‘Every word that we say is going to be sweet, kind.’ So, we let the light come down and fill our face, like the rays of sunshine. And then it comes down into our neck and our shoulders. It pours down into our arms and our hands. Then we look inwardly, inside of ourselves we look at our hands. The hands are so full of light, every finger there is a light coming out of, like sunlight. And then we let the light come down into our chest and just fill our hearts and lungs, and then it comes down into our legs, into our toes. This is such a calm, kind light that we have, every one of us have it inside of ourselves. So, now that our whole body is full of this light, we sit in this light, and this light begins to shine all around us. The light is in us, it is around us, everywhere. Now we sit so quietly for a couple of minutes in this light and just concentrate on the light.

Think of the light inside, think of it for a moment, do you see the light inside? Can you feel the warmth of it, the kindness of it? Can you see the rays of light, like the sunshine, it is pouring out all around you? Can you feel it? Just sit in this light and let go and be comfortable, such a kind light this is. We just sit in this light, we don’t move, we just sit in this light, happy. We sit so happily. The light is very kind and is always in us and all around us.

Let’s see if we can just imagine this bright light that puts a smile on our face and makes us giggle and happy. Let’s think of this light for a moment, such a happy light. Can we not move our body and just sit and let our hands and feet be relaxed? We try not to move our body, we just sit and let our breathing be normal and just relax in this light of God, this light of kindness, light of joy. And any time we remember this light there is a big smile that sits on our face. It is such a beautiful smile, we let go and relax, we relax.

We are so quiet, we just remember and imagine the light and we are quiet, very quiet. What a beautiful light is around us and inside of us. Every time we remember this light we are happy. Silence and the light are like best friends. In the light there is silence and in the silence there is light and we are That. So we sit in silence and we feel that we are filled with this divine light. We don’t let our body move; we just sit for a moment as if we are going to sleep. Now we can open our eyes slowly.

-January, 2011

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