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Understanding the Nature of Pain and Suffering

Updated: Apr 3, 2021

Sat expounds upon the answer to Question 1 in Most Precious, “Speak to us of pain and suffering.”

Sat: In Most Precious it says, “Pain and suffering are products of the mind.”

If you are not comfortable with that, just say that thoughts are products of the mind and the cause of the suffering. What does it mean?

(Everyone contemplates for a moment)

A woman asks: Is that because of the thoughts that separate us from our Oneness and then cause us suffering? Suffering from mental thoughts that make us anxious, stressed or worried!

Sat: Very good; anyone else? Please participate!

A man says: They are impermanent.

Sat: Yes, very good because they come and go. I am going to explain it. This is the crux of the matter, please, please pay attention to this, this is really the end of suffering!

Imagine an energy which is neither good nor bad (Sat holds up Her right hand and moves it back and forth slightly and gently), it is an energy that is everywhere … it is Omnipresent. Then the individuality comes and begins to interpret this energy (brings up Her left hand too, holds it in front of the right hand and keeps moving it differently from the right hand).

According to the circumstances that we are in, we begin to read it in a deep duality (defeat or victory, harmony or disorder, good or bad, ugly or pretty, etc.). We believe that disease exists; we believe that we are going to be poor or whatever else we believe; we have made this energy communicate that to us (again pointing to Her right hand). These movements are just impulses, like that of a telegram. (Referring to the fact that unless the impulses of a telegram are interpreted by an operator, they do not mean anything).

The more you limit yourself, the denser this energy gets. It gets so dense that it looks very real (She moves Her right hand at the same pace as Her left hand). When it looks very real, it will react in our bodies. How do we remedy that? We just don’t get involved with the movement of this energy anymore! I can’t begin to tell you how important this practice is.

In the beginning, there is a feeling of limitation, so we begin to dwell on the unlimited-ness of our Self. With that same breath that we dwell on our eternal Self, at the same time we do not read the thoughts. That way the energy can go back to being as neutral as it was before. And what happens is that the energy is not being used by interpretations, judgments, and old concepts, so it becomes a healing factor for us.

Therefore, the more you want to know the cause of your illness, the more you are in it. The more you think of what is going to happen to you in the future if you can’t get rid of it, the more you are in it; it is still a thought that is not real. It just is not real. And why does it look so real? Because we have paid attention to it enough times as a repeated thought that it looks concrete, but it isn’t concrete at all. If it was concrete, it would not be here one minute and not the next.

So we stand on the ground of the Permanent, and whatever is temporary, we look the other way, until it loses its energy. By not reading this interpretation of the thoughts in the mind, we stand on the ground of Oneness and what happens to the thoughts? They all melt into the pot of Oneness. The mind that appeared to be the enemy, which it actually wasn’t, begins to interpret and take the two and make it into one, take another two and make it one and so on. In One, there is no disease and there is no problem. This is the consciousness that is rendered pure. Whatever is not in our consciousness, will not be our experience. Everything that we believe will register in the consciousness.

This is hard at times, especially when you are in a situation that is challenging, it is even harder (then). So for prevention you bombard yourself with spirituality. You pay attention to have your thoughts, words and deeds be in line with your true existence. All your senses should support your peace.

When we have a time in our lives that things are not going very well, we should watch things that sit in our hearts, things that add to our stillness more and not too many things that cause confusion in the mind. Whatever sits in your heart, make sure you buy a book on it, make sure you hear things on it, so you don’t get scattered again.

The remedy for duality is unity, and therefore the remedy for everything that is pursued by our senses and our mind is only one: go from multiplicity to Oneness, and by doing that, there is nothing but harmony and Ananda (bliss).

What can I say that could convey the bigness of that? I mean it is so simple and nothing I say can make it as great as it is for you, except your own experience of it. We are not what appears to be this concrete form, we really are not!

Contemplate on your unlimited-ness, contemplate on that Totality that is Omnipresent; then in reality what can we be? In that, you become one with that eternal bliss, with that unlimited-ness and unbounded. This is not imaginary and it is not out of suggestion.

It is the Truth, the only Truth. We have heard the false and we believed it and then the duality came into play and then the suffering. So, we kindly reverse that; let our mind learn to turn everything that is two into one, good and bad, ill and healthy, saint and sinner, all of that! It is just nonsense!

-Excerpt from “Tools for Pain & Suffering” DVD, Sept 12, 2005: Sat’s Weekly Class.

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