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Dealing with the Loss of a Child

Updated: Apr 26, 2022

Sat consoles a mother who has recently lost her young son and gives advice on how to handle such tremendous loss.

A woman who has lost her young son talks about the pain and sorrow she feels and coping with that loss.

♥: I cannot bear his death.

Sat: Oh sweetheart, since I am a mother myself, I cannot tell you not to cry or scream, since I know it is impossible. I am sincerely sorry; I don’t even know how to say My condolences. Every one of us comes to this world with a certain number of breaths, once it runs out, time is up. Destiny is in the hands of Divinity! These tears are because of an imaginary temporary separation.

♥: I cannot bear being without him, I really loved him ... (She cries incessantly).

Sat: I have a request from you sweetheart: for one second Stop and do not go with your thoughts! For one second have faith that whatever happened to your son was for his benefit. For one second, believe it and then don’t. For one second, be happy for the outcome of his wish. I am not saying do not cry; but for one second, do what I say and know that this incident was because of his own wish, know that this will change your life. Some people sacrifice so that the lives of people around them change. Allow his freedom to bring such a transformation to your life that through it, you could find complete awakening. Tell yourself, “I value my son’s soul and I open myself and allow myself to wake up.” Let go of the world and get on a path that would give you freedom, I don’t mean towards Me, but towards any place that gives you freedom.

I would like to invite you to let this unbearably difficult situation, open up a door for you and cause you to become free. You can spend your mental and physical capacity in a way to bring you expansion. For example, as you are crying for the loss of your son, tell yourself, “I want to know: Where has he gone? Where did he come from? Where did I come from? Who am I really? What am I? Have we really come into this world to lose whatever we are given? What is God? Where is God?” Continue asking these questions until you can feel the Presence; that is when you will know the reason for whatever has happened in your life. I can say that no one has your forbearance; losing two children is very hard (This woman lost another child some years back).

♥: Have I done some things that these things happen to me (She keeps crying hard)?

Sat: If one considers death to be bad, it is natural to question “Why me?” But what if one does not consider it to be a bad thing?

♥: Death is good for me; I mean I am ready for it, but what about for a young man?

Sat: Know that we are not aware of our past lives. Some time ago I heard, “You receive what you put out.” I was only 20 years old. I wondered “What have I done in this life?” As far as I remembered, from childhood, I wanted to make everyone happy. Truly what had I done that was causing my suffering at that time?

But then I realized what they were saying: I had not woken Myself up in My past lives and remaining asleep had caused limitations in this life. It is not sin, it is limitation. That is why I say that doing good deeds is very noble, but it is in awakening that we become free and then we do not need to do anything else.

-From: Iran Phone Conference Book, pgs. 187-190.

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