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Trust and Let Go

Guided meditations and spiritual teachings for people seeking self realization and spiritual awakening.

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Experience Your True Self Now


Try this guided meditation to let go of anxiety, go beyond the mind, and experience the perfection that is always within you.  

Outline of Mountains

Answers To Life's Most Profound Questions 

Question 1: What is the cause of pain and suffering?

Profound answers to life’s most important questions.

Answer: Pain and suffering are only products of the mind.  Go beyond the mind, and you experience no pain and no suffering.  ‘I’ exists not in the mind and the body, but beyond both.  Spend your allotted time finding that ‘I’ which, when it is felt by the body and the mind and found beyond both, suffering and pain cease existing in your consciousness.  Do not believe in the world!  Do believe in your ‘Sat-Chit-Ananda’, or ‘Truth, Awareness, Bliss.'  The world is make-belief; if you believe it, you believe suffering exists.  Rely on your conscious voice.

Teachings To Help Trust And Let Go

In this class, Sat discusses what it really means to let go by trusting the Promise that we are all born with.  Click here to watch the full video

About Sat

As a young girl, Sat wondered why pain and suffering existed in the world and dedicated Her life to finding out. She spent over 20 years on a spiritual journey searching for the answer, traveling the world over and studying at the feet of different gurus and teachers. In 1998, in the form of profound internal communication, She received the answer to why pain and suffering exist and how to go beyond them, along with answers to many of humanity’s deepest questions, in the form of Her second book, “Most Precious.” Along with these truths, She has also developed very practical tools and practices, called the “art of living in the world but not of it,” that help people go beyond their mind, where pain and suffering cease to exist. 

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