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About Sat

Devotee - Spiritual Teacher - Author - Mother


Ever since She was a young girl, Sat wondered why pain and suffering existed in the world. She was always attracted to going beyond duality to eliminate suffering and made this Her life’s mission. At age seven, She had a profound experience. At age eighteen, due to extreme frustration and depression, She screamed out loud and wanted to come face to face with God. That day, a new chapter of Her life started and soon after She was introduced to meditation and began studying many different spiritual philosophies and approaches.

In 1981, at a meditation conference with 200 other people, She heard the name of the man who was to become Her Guru and She felt a deep sense of familiarity in Her Heart, as though She had heard his name before.

She spent the next few weeks getting ready for Her first visit to His Ashram in India.  She took many, many trips to visit Her Guru over the next 20 years, and spent Her time in contemplation and meditation.

In 1998, She experienced a series of profound events during a period of 40 days of silence. During this time, She had many revelations, including receiving the answer to why pain and suffering exist, and how to go beyond them, along with answers to many of humanity’s deepest questions, which took the form of Her second book, "Most Precious." It was also revealed to Her during this period that She would become a guide for others. 

The fruition of those years of searching, meditating, contemplating and realizing enabled Sat to help hundreds of students worldwide unlock the true happiness within by providing straight-forward techniques that help them have a calm mind amidst their busy lives. She has published over 30 books, taught thousands of classes, held countless retreats and seminars around the world, and produced over 150 instructional videos. Though mostly in seclusion these days, She still leads weekly guided meditation classes, a monthly teleconference for young adults, and an annual retreat for Her students. Helping the youth and young adults ‘Be’ happy has always been at the forefront of Her inspiration, and She fulfils this mission with Her students, two children, and four grandchildren.

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