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Your Arrival Is Always There

Sat elaborates on the article "Nothingness", April 3, 2020 from the book Love&Wisdom p. 40

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A discussion on the article Article ‘Nothingness’, April 3, 2020, from the book Love & Wisdom p. 40

Sat: Because this topic that we are having [today] is so personal to Me, I thought I can be reading it and stopping so we have a better understanding. You all have reviewed it in different places, but I think we can shed more light on it. As you can see the date, this article came right after the pandemic was really frightening people.
‘Nothingness’- I want everybody to just relax and let Me entertain you, because that’s the best way to get it.
“Everything that the mind says is a lie. Remember that. Everything that the mind says is a lie. The good and bad, the pretty and ugly; everything. Even its solution is a lie. I have been watching it very closely; every thought that comes, for years and years, and particularly in the past few weeks. It has absolutely no stability, no depth, and when you go to the depth of it, it is Silence. So, if you want to have a meaningful thought, it takes you to nothingness.”
Sat: Now, I think this paragraph is worth contemplating on and dissecting it a little bit.
“Everything that the mind says is a lie?”
Why? Because the mind never declares who we really are and everything else is imagination of the mind, so even the best of the best of the most intellectual, the most of the most that is named by humanity is still a sophisticated lie.
When it says “it is silence when you take it to the depth,” we have all experienced that, that in a split second by having a passive gaze, it goes to silence because the base of the mind is purity and this is very accessible to us, it is not something we have to learn or to apply even, it is just to know it. It is like Jesus says ‘be still … be still and know that I am God.’ Well, that is exactly what it is communicating- still the mind by having a passive gaze. Go to the silence, then you know who you are.
The beauty of this paragraph is that no matter what thought, if you have a passive gaze and look at it deeply, you see the base of it, which is silence. Now, what happens if we don’t do that:
“Once we believe our mind, we have believed the universal mind”
Have you not seen what a chaos there was around this pandemic, because it’s universal, collectively everybody was afraid, everybody was having an opinion?
“So, once we believe our mind we have believed the universal mind, once we have believed the universal mind we have believed our mind.”
Because there is only one mind, pure mind, that is now divided into many minds of individuals and what does it do when we believe it?
“It is a chain of slavery.”
And we have all experienced that when we live in our mind and identify with the thinker as the mind, we are very, very uncomfortable!
“All of these temptations and suggestions that we are bombarded with ... it even confuses me about common sense.”
That moment was very important for Me because I always believed that that’s how I live, by truth and when it’s necessary [to] take common sense. Even the common sense was confusing at that time, nobody even knew what common sense meant.
“Unless it is a dire emergency, I don’t even know what common sense is.”
So we use our common sense in a dire emergency …
“For the satisfaction of the form and the mind, to keep them in check,”
And that is so true, I see it, that we use our common sense just to calm the mind and say ‘I did this for that.’
“You do things so that you can say, ‘Ok, I did something about something. Now I can leave myself alone.’ I don’t know; I really don’t know. All I know is that, all my life, all my practices, all the wisdom whose flow I can’t control, have their base in Silence, have their reality in Silence. Even the so-called virus has its reality in Silence…”
Imagine that!
“Where there is no movement, nothing. Nothing real about the movement.”
This is exactly why when we are in silence there is no pandemic, there is no ‘me’ and you’, there is only this tranquility, this Isness, I don’t even know how to name it, that doesn’t need anything, it doesn’t need changes.
This paragraph has been my experience:
“I have taken thoughts, I have taken the emotions, I have taken beliefs, I have taken concepts, I have taken my body, I have taken the wisdom, I have taken God, I have taken Guru, I have taken my the roots of it. There is nothing there. There is nothing there. There is nothing there but Stillness and Silence. A Silence without border. An emptiness without shape and form.”
I am sure most of you are experiencing it right now.
“I have taken the reason for search, the reason for not searching...there is nothing there. I have taken the wisdom and there is nothing there. I have taken the practices and there is nothing there.”
Now, here it shows that after all the wisdom that we hear that will help the thinker to transcend itself, and all the practices we do for the mind is to sit at the feet of the Guru which is in the heart, just to realize that nothing ever moved and we are not the movement, we are not the content of the universe, but what is beyond it.
“There is nothing. We can’t even say ‘nothing’. It goes beyond nothingness. Honestly, I don’t know what it is, or what it is not.
I have taken fear to see its root; I find nothing. Nothing means not a thing.”
Now this is important, ‘nothing means not a thing,’ so things are created in the movement not in the base, like a painting on a canvas.

“So, I don’t know what it is. I have taken effort there, everything that goes there vanishes into nothingness. It is like magic. Therefore, everything has to be that …”
Meaning the base of me, you, he, she, they, the base of this room, the ether and all the five elements is nothing but that, not a thing.

“If we have the vision for it” we see the nothingness and “everything is chaos if we don’t.
So is the world real, or is it unreal? It is real because the base is the Silence. It is unreal because the base is reality. It depends on how you look at it.”
This is really a play of words, I am sure some of you will not understand it. What is being said here spontaneously that even surprised Me, is the fact that it says ‘So is the world real, or is it unreal? It is real because the base is the Silence.’ It is real because the base is silent, the silence is real therefore whatever is on it is not separated from it and it has that essence.

“It is unreal because the base is reality.”
It is unreal because the base of it is the only reality. And to give you an example, at night you go to sleep and you have a dream. Is your dream real? Well, the base is real, the dreamer is real, that’s the only thing that makes it look real, but it is unreal because the base is the only reality which is the dreamer in the bed.
Now, what these words do is it is pointing us to what we are open to- that all our life, with all the ups and downs that this body and mind experienced, all the loss and gain, every idea that just knocked at the door of the mind through the senses, it isn’t who we really are. The Existence, the feeling of the Presence that I have is absolutely no different than that which you have, what you experience as Isness, because there is no individuality, it is just a drawing on one Existence that we are, ‘I am’, every ‘I am’ is!
Let’s for five minutes, just settle in the silence and experience it for ourself if there is anything in that ocean of silence.
-Everyone remains silent and practices Sat’s words.
She continues: Let’s be really still, let us go beyond the mind, the body, the images. (Remains silent)

-After about five minutes Sat says: Now, slowly open your eyes. One thing that is very important to remember, is that I am sure we all experienced that silence, whether it was a moment or not, or more, the mind has a tendency to want to get some place. As far as spirituality goes, we want to have enlightenment, to search, to be better, to do better, to act better and try to get someplace that is not this place, where we are at! But this writing only shows that every thought is a hindrance because your arrival is always there! It is a very, very delicate thing I am saying.
So many of you come and say ‘Sat, I want to do better.’ The thought of ‘I want to do better’ keeps us from being who we want to do better to get to (Sat wanted to keep original). The thought of ‘I want to do better’ stops you from actually being, actually being there, but that is a tendency that the mind has.
Of course, on the level of day-to-day life, we have to put some effort, but the end result is that any thought will keep you away from the state of nothingness, even beautiful thoughts, even the thought of God, even the thought of the Guru, even the thought of beautiful flowers.
What I am saying is that we don’t need to strive so hard as I have in the past to get someplace, all we have to do is just settle and that will do the trick and this is what this article is communicating. It is as if it is saying ‘listen, you’ve tried everything … why don’t you try my way?’ which is to realize you are that ocean of immense silence and stillness.
Did everybody feel something inwardly?
Kavi: That meditation was so deep and so quiet, but still there is an impression of the mind, I couldn’t feel the thoughts but there is a feeling that it’s there.
Sat: Energy.
Kavi: Is that ok as it is happening in those moments?
Sat: You see, everything is ok. The reason I say everything is ok is because the mind thinks ‘this does this … this does that …’ all we can do is point ourself to the base where it is unmoved. Now, through that we need to live. It’s not like we go to nothingness and we become a piece of meat. No, through that nothingness, the acting happens, the thinking happens, the saying happens, the association happens. But it is spontaneous; you don’t take thought for it. Do you know what I am trying to say? And I have said it a million times that absolutely if you peel everything of complication, the simplest is the closest, whatever is simple, is who we are.
Mansour: Two years ago, through our guided meditations You taught me that I shouldn’t force my practices, to let it flow on its own. I feel like You reiterated that again tonight. We can’t get to stillness through motion.
Sat: Yes. The most natural way is the straight path. Now, having said that, this is who we are and this is the easiest way to be who we are by the simplicity of approach. But at the same time, there is another part that will be going on- the part of ego that is in this world. That part has to also go hand in hand unless you have expertise in the silence, which means when the ego, the ‘I am’ rises and causes commotion, you question it. You question its validity, you question the concreteness of it, and by doing that you are actually chipping away from both sides to destroy the unreal by your understanding.
So, when I say ‘silence’ if you can be there and realize it in a moment (snaps Her finger) please know that you are the luckiest human being on earth. But if this is a gradual advancement or transformation like My life has been, now you know what to do when the ego rises and then you go down. It is not like the thinker goes down; you are just in that state. It is not like you make a decision to have silence, it is simpler than that. When we are practicing silence, there is no story about it that ‘I am going to sit down, listen and I am going to try to go to the silence’. No, you listen and you relax and you believe what is being said and that is going to take you to the truth of yourself and then we live through that.
This is why all of us in this room feel more grace and more incidents where things come together with so much less struggle and striving than before, because of being nourished from our own source.
Now, as we will have more and more realization of who we are not, nobody will ever know that we have changed. It is not as though you go out on the street with a halo around your head, you will be more normal than anytime in your life but the shift has happened in a deep level where nobody needs to know what is going on. (Remains silent)
Each of us in the body we learned through curiosity, through ways of life, we learned so much and then once you go in the silence enough times, honestly you realize that you don’t know anything. You might say the wisest thing without knowing you are saying it- that I admit can happen and it will happen. But to say what’s going on, to try to explain maya and get curious about it, no longer makes any sense. So that alone makes you empty because you gave up on it (laughs). You just say ‘thank you I am full … next meal.’ (Remains silent)
Even all the things we learned on this path and we were graced by the wholesome Truth, when you simplify everything, that also vanishes. All the knowledge will leave you and then the wisdom becomes useless. But it is a vehicle to take you form unreal to real and that is going back Home for all of us.
Bliss: During the days when we feel silence, is it the same as feeling the nothingness, we are in the state of nothingness, are we feeling ourselves?
Sat: When you feel the silence, you are no longer there as Bliss, as your name, Panthea! So you can’t say when we go to silence, does that happen? It is there because you are not there! Do you see that? I said it before, I quoted someone, the enlightenment is not for the thinker, the elimination of the thinker is enlightenment. (Laughs) just give it a moment of thought, just that alone gives us freedom. That’s why when the thinker as yourself is struggling, that is only a thought of struggling- just settle down. Because it is not that needs this, it is this that is always this. It is not ego that needs enlightenment, [it is] to be without movement.
Bahar: How do we take a thought to its roots?
Sat: By conscious looking. When I say ‘passive gaze’ I really mean a passive gaze, I don’t mean a passive something. It is a gaze, when you look at your thought without a movement of reaction or interpretation, it goes into silence. You don’t believe Me do it now, because when there is no attention, the mind dies down- active attention. Do you see what I mean? It might murmur in the background but it is not in the front seat driving.
The good thing is that any wisdom that you hear, whether it is here or [it is] somebody else’s saying or you read it in Baba’s book or [in] any other book, they all say the same thing! It is not out of your grasp; I really emphasize on whatever you hear you experience it. Like I said, passive gaze, go ahead and do it right now, have it be proven to you. This is why we did the silence, so it’s not just talk, it is through actually realizing and experiencing it. Who wants to sit here and hear Me talk, or Me hearing someone else’s talk and then nothing happens, that is not good!
Farnaz: My dear Sat, I have experienced that when I look at the mind and the thoughts, it just vanishes. In this article, You also say ‘I have taken Guru, I have taken God, I have taken My body …’ etc. Can You please explain that? Are You referring to looking at each of these?
Sat: Yes, the thought of the Guru comes because you have a thought of it, right? Or you are looking at Baba’s picture, so you have a thought and an image, right? Give it a passive gaze and see what happens! You go back to the Source! (Remains silent)
Give anything a passive gaze, give this flower a passive gaze and see what happens (chuckles). You go back to yourself, just look at it, passive but vigilant. All your seeing is on that flower and tell Me if you are not going to go into silence and the State of Being. (Remains silent)
The flowers become nothingness.


Reno Center
April 3, 2022

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