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Who Is Following The Mind?

Sat talks about who is the follower of the mind.

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Question: You have recently said “The mind thinks and the heart beats and the hand moves; we know that much. But who is following all of that? Grab a hold of the follower and set him down.” (Sai Center 11.26.23)
My question is who is the follower? Is that our attention?

Sat: Yes, which is one and the same with the thinker, yes with the ego, the individuality. Yes, we never pay attention to the fact that really, we are witnessing things because the attention gets mixed with the situation and we forget that we really are the watcher. Every so often if we can hold on to the watcher, we see that the mind shuts down, I mean calms down. So, that is what is meant.

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December 07, 2023

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