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Who Am I?

In this audio, Sat explains that if we really dissect what we think we know about ourselves as mind and body, we will come to realize that we don’t really know anything about either. Once we admit we don’t know anything about who we thought we were, we can touch our own infinite existence, without form and name.

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Sat: Do we ask ourselves the question: “If I am this body and if I am this mind, and if I am the totality of this body, mind, form and name, why is it that I don’t know much about myself? Except for endless concepts that change moment to moment, about who I think I am!” Daily, as a human we have so many opinions of who this “I am” should be- a better person, a harder worker, a thinner person, more ambitious and it goes on and on and on.

If we take time to really ask ourselves, “What do I know about this body that I am so attached to and I am afraid that it might get harmed, or [have] fear of death? What do I know? Do I know how it functions? Do I know when I look at my childhood picture, when I was 2 or 3, or maybe even a baby, how this body grew? Did I put effort, or did I just witness it?”

Do we ask ourselves, “What is even going on in the body, and if it is us or even [if] it belongs to us, would we not have a part in the making of it and the sustaining of it?”

Now if we think “the mind is my mind” or “I am the mind,” depending on how much you identify with your thoughts- sometimes when we identify with some sort of emotion or thoughts, we become that, we think we become that. Do we know how the mind became so full of concepts, beliefs and acceptance? And why is it that we cannot choose our thoughts as we like and instead we are bombarded by wanting or not wanting, pleasant or unpleasant thoughts?

Now, a little bit of contemplation and inquiry would bring us to the point that we don’t know and it takes us to silence. Once we find ourselves in silence, that is where the Truth is. That is where our origin was, is and will be. Now by this knowledge, should we not strive to be as we were and always will be, rather than imagining that we are in control, we can change, we can manipulate life? Isn’t it [that] to be a passive observer, seems to be effortless and constant? Doesn’t that approach to our own reality drop all the beliefs and thinking and striving and searching and finding and losing? Don’t we find that by just being, without too much movement, becoming becomes spontaneous and Omniscient? And yet, we strive, we repair, we fix, we lose and gain, over and over and over again? Just because we don’t stop and contemplate and dissect what is not ours?

This is why when we say, when we admit to ourselves that “I don’t know anything,” we find this incredible silence of the mind and soul. The mind stops its activity, once we admit we don’t know anything about what we thought we knew, the false knowledge of the world drops. And when we admit that we are nobody, the ego subsides and the identification with the body gets weakened. When we admit that we are nothingness, we become All; All means the Totality. It is so strange by this realization to see clearly whatever we learned was useless, whatever we think we know is false, and that’s when we touch our own infinite Existence, without form and name. Can we not stay there and let the movement happen on the surface, while we are in the depth of silence and tranquility?

The true Existence is not in the commotion of the surface, but it is in the depth of silence. Even hearing the Truth brings some sort of awareness beyond learning. It opens an avenue of awareness to something much deeper, much more real and eternal.

USA Chat July 16,2021

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