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When You Cannot Smile, Smile!

Sat discusses how if we go against the feeling of wanting to shut down when we are sad or uncomfortable by smiling or dancing, it will keep us happy and break us out of a negative cycle.

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Sat: So many times if we are sad, or we have some uncomfortable emotion, then we just shut down. Or perhaps we become mean with some other people around us, or we just say, “Leave me alone.” But that doesn’t remedy the situation, it just feeds it. So, this is why I have said so many times, “When you cannot smile, smile, when you cannot be quiet, keep quiet.” It takes the energy away and sends it into the spacious feeling inside. When you don’t want to dance, get up and dance. It is a very childish way, because you see children doing that, a way of keeping yourself happy, and breaking this cycle of the same reaction over and over and over. And then next thing you know, there is a forgiveness in your heart. Next thing you know, little by little, things don’t bother you, because you had an antidote for them.
This is why some people, when they are tired, most of the time if they go for a run, they come back and they say, “We are so energetic now.” Unless they really were tired, but most of the time it is tamasic energy in them.

So, these are the little tricks, I would not call it meditation or anything, it is just a wisdom to use to make your Stop Meditation easier.

U.S. Chat - 1/5/2021

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