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What To Do About Harmless Unconscious Thoughts?

Sat advises on how to deal with harmless and unconscious thoughts.

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Kavi asks about having harmless but unconscious thoughts and how to handle them. These thoughts are not big nor bad or scary, they are just worthless busyness. But he does not realize he is having them until a little later. When he does realize what is happening, he stops them. He says that they happen a lot and other than realizing that he is thinking and seeing them stop, he asks if there is anything else he could do.

Sat: It’s interesting because when a thought is painful, fearful, etc., you all have learned how to let it go and know that thoughts are painful if you go with [them] - the stories are many. Most of you have accomplished that. Then you get to a platform where the harmless stories become more, they appear to be more because now your attention is conscious; it is not mixing [like] crazy and not knowing that it was mixed. And the reason for that is that they were always there, but the overwhelming pain and anxiety covered them, so you were paying more attention to those than the harmless ones.
The mind, as I watched it throughout My life, has pulsing. It is energy, that I am very aware of, in the form of pulsing. This pulsing started drawing, the energy shapes things and then you find yourself daydreaming or going with stories, etc. Then you caught yourself doing that, then you let it go, etc. But the main thing to understand is that the thinker and thoughts are one and the same!
So, when you go Home, when you become conscious of it and go Home, you get rid of yourself and the mind at the same time. The only thing you can do is that when you see it, just choose the silence that is within you, which is the same as being. But then it might come again, so I would not be too concerned about them. Because the main thing is that the wisdom is there and the tranquility is there, but the mind and thinker decide to get involved. As soon as you become conscious, just Stay and feel the silence.
Then you don’t even know what you thought about, you don’t even know why you were involved, the whole memory is gone. So, that is the practice I would recommend.
Kavi: Thank You so much, I am so appreciative.
Sat: Yes, because you need to know what is happening, why is it that imagination continues. Now you know that you took the painful layer out, and now it is those benign types of stories that are happening. It is like the thinker wanting to sit down and watch movie after movie after movie to be entertained. But it is only a habit of watching it, this habit can be broken.

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What To Do About Harmless Unconscious Thoughts?
July 26, 2022

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