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What Is Waking Up?

Sat expounds upon the real meaning of “waking up.”

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Question: Sat, over the years you have talked about waking up and over the years my understanding of what this means has changed. Right now, I feel like waking up really means to wake up to the wisdom, each and every wisdom that becomes clear for me and I experience first hand is really kind of waking up.
Would you please elaborate what it really means to wake up?

Sat: Yes, that’s a big part of it, also, through the wisdom as you understand the wisdom more and more, waking up means realizing you are not what you took yourself to be - even if it is for a split second. If each one of us only looks back at our journey to our inner life, we see that [as] our understanding of this wisdom expands in our consciousness, we find the world to be chaotically unreal looking! As one shrinks, the other one expands, whereas in a normal day to day life the reality is so out of focus and the chaotic dream is so real to us. That sort of reverses itself and that is waking up!
To Me at this point, even if I didn’t have any spiritual background or any realization in My life, if I had to look at the whole, entire world and humanity, I would say this is crazy, this is so unreal looking. (Laughs) That is not hard to see anymore. It is not so orderly, that we think everything is the way it should be in reality. Nothing makes sense, nothing makes sense and this is a push for us to see.

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What Is Waking Up?
FEB 1, 2022

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