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What Is The Source Of Duality?

Sat talks about manifestation and what is the source of duality, followed by reading the article “Who I am not.”

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Mandana: I have been reading and contemplating on the fact that creation is perfect, peaceful and harmonious. On the other hand, the world is chaotic and unorganized. The main function of our mind is to gather knowledge and wisdom but our mind is also a source of duality and the creator of ego. Is that correct?
Sat: Yes, ego is mind. They are one and the same!
Mandana: Why does the unconscious mind exist and what is the source of that unconscious mind and duality?
Sat: Well, I can only tell you about My own realization. Most Precious talks about this. When I asked ‘why creation, why are we here?’, the answer was ‘You are neither here nor there.’ The source of Manifestation is Reality. Now, why did the duality start? Honest to God, I pondered [that question] throughout My life and I cannot give you an answer.
The only thing that I can say that would release us to even have an answer is that what we think ourselves to be, in reality it isn’t [us]. Once we sit on the ground of Reality, which is the Silence and the Home, the manifestation no longer exists for us. Even when the five senses see it, hear it, touch it, and taste it, it is not going to have the same grossity to it. It is not the same quality anymore. But to say why Perfection allowed the imperfection to be on the surface of the water, I could not answer you. I could not answer you, at least now I do not know.
But then again, when the maya becomes more unreal for us, then it swallows this question. It has for Me; I do not question it anymore, nor do I want to find out because I did that for years! Now, transcending it is the way to go. I have given this example many, many times before. By doing that (transcending it), you are getting nourished from the roots, from the seed, rather than finding out why the leaves look the way that they look. Or the fruit is not as sweet as it should be, why is one fruit sweeter than the other or why is one juicier than the other? The tree is the manifestation of that seed and pondering a little bit about it, what happens to you is that you decide to leave all of that and go back to staying unmoved by the duality as much as you can.
Aida: When You were talking to Mandana and saying how manifestation no longer exists for us, it reminded me of how lately I feel as though I actually live in my very own vortex- where the laws of manifestation no longer seem to apply. Things work out that you would never imagine working out. The Grace makes the impossible become possible. Different rules apply here, things are no longer the same. Is that because the manifestation is no longer starting to exist for us and hence the same rules no longer apply?
Sat: We are just not the same anymore, it is a million different wisdoms that have chiseled this amount of wrongness away and of course every piece of that rock that falls, there is a replacement. The replacement is space if I can give you that example. What is space? It is subtle, space is much more subtle than a rock. We were like a rock, like the article ‘Who I am not’ talks about.
-Sat asks Bahar to read the following article to finish our chat with:
‘Who I am not
Who I am not
They told me I was born on such and such date;
I believed them.
They told me this is your mother and that is your father;
I believed them.
They told me I am a girl and girls do this and they don’t do that;
I believed them.
They told me being naked was shameful and
I believed them.
They told me ‘wear this, or you will catch a cold;’
I believed them.
They told me a woman gets married, and this is only right and proper;
I believed them.
They told me to be strong and
I believed them.
As I believed, I hardened into a rock.
My beliefs made me concrete.
They told me that fire burns and you can’t go through walls; I hardened some more.
They told me this is good and that is bad;
I believed them.
They told me the world is flat and they told me it is round.
They told me cancer kills, but the flu does not.
They told me time exists, that the future is important, education is the means, and money is survival;
I believed them.
They told me death is bad and being born is good. Bad people are dangerous and good people are to seek after;
I believed them all.
But why, with all of these directions, did I feel worse and worse?
How can you limit the unlimited and make it feel better?
How can you put the infinite into the finite and think that you are teaching the truth?
My beliefs became chains upon my soul;
I undressed shamelessly, dropping the veil.
I broke the statue that was made out of my beliefs.
I spat at their goodness!
I turned my back to all their ways and
I vanished from the make-believe state.
Every morsel of their beliefs I swallowed, until I could take no more.
So one by one we became a fool.
Nobody ever questioned or admitted that their beliefs were someone else’s beliefs or hearsay.
No one really explored what was truly real, so this world became the products of beliefs without any base to stand on.
A baby grows up with layers of beliefs, not living but being a puppet of fear, shame, hesitation, and that was good.
Well I say I have no use for all that I have ever learned thus far; to me they are infested with the unreal.
Victims of our own beliefs, all swimming in the ocean of falsehood, most don’t even know it.
The unlimited, the absolute, looking as confined as a rock.
What a joke!
We pay to buy the falsehood, ‘worldly knowledge’.
We become a bundle of desires, a slave to our beliefs.
We desire to be good, wealthy, healthy and ever young. Yet all along, we were perfection.
We had abundance; we were never born, so health was not even an issue.
Unlimited, timeless, absolute, acting bounded.
Now, this is absurd!
July 20, 1999’

Sat: That is your answer- that spitting out the beliefs leaves room for the Grace. Namaste to all of you.

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