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What Is Soul?

Sat explains what the “soul” or “existence” is in this audio excerpt.

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Question: In the quote we read on Jan. 19, 2021 in the Sai Baba Center, Sai Baba said, “You as body, mind or soul are a dream, but what you really are is the Existence, Knowledge, Bliss. You are the God of this universe.”

You have told us about the nature of the mind and who we really are, and we have experienced this Truth to the extent of our capacity, but we know little about the soul. What is the role of the soul in our dream life, as Baba says it is a dream like mind or body is, what is the soul?’

Sat: You mean the spirit; soul is very temporary. There is an Existence, period, that is our true nature. It is so hard to explain with words, honestly, honestly! What we call … let Me see how I can explain it, it is very, very intuitive and the words fall short.

Let Me give you this example that Ramana uses. You go to sleep and you fall into a deep sleep. In that deep sleep, you still exist, but the body is not there, the mind is not there, none of these things. The world is not there, period! That Existence is always there, and it is not bound with one body, it is like space, I have said it before. Space is in every molecule or cell of our body; it is within the empty cup and also in the material of the cup.

So, imagine that as an Existence, that you can’t say is “in” or “out,” it just IS. That is our reality, this is why the people that recognize themselves and realize themselves, that prison of one body, one individual, one personality, is demolished. This is why they can say, “we can see God everywhere.” It is not that they see God everywhere; they are aware that this is all there is. And until you experience at least a glimpse of it, the words are not going to point you to it very well.

It is subtler than space, and realer than anything we have accepted as reality and it is true, I know it is. And once the mind slows down, and the silence becomes more visible in our actions, in our thoughts and words, there is an expansion. That expansion is (an) understanding of the greatness of Existence. It is not an existence as a body, it is not an existence as a moon and a sun. It is just the base of all of that, you can call it Shiva in Sanskrit, unmoved and then Shakthi, creation moves upon it, symbolically!

But it is something that you have to taste it, to really, really find out. This is the aim of all the wisdom that comes in the form of freeing one person from this imprisonment, is to experience that reality, and yet still [be] in the body.

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What Is Soul
Jan 12, 2021

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