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What Is Love

Sat talks about love and guides experiencing it in Stillness.

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Sepideh: Dear Sat, What is love? And how can we contemplate on the meaning of love?
Sat: Love is … (chuckles) I don’t know where to go with that! (Pause) it’s just Isness guys, as simple as that! It’s just Isness! We call it love, it’s just comfort, it’s just nothing there that disturbs the mind and the body, you can call it Love, you can call it Peace, you can call it Nothingness, you can call it Emptiness. You can call it Existence, God, Allah, anything you want! Yeah … names are tripping us. Like I was saying and I have been repeating Myself, the simplest is the closest! So when you are contemplating on love, dive into the simplest explanation of love and you will find yourself.
In contemplation, in the beginning you use the mind but you have to go where the mind is helpless and that’s where the awareness announces itself. And that is a true realization, where you pass beyond the words of the mind and logic and intellect.
Let’s experience something just now, just relax and simply throw [out] the word ‘love’ while you are sitting at home, meaning in your heart, make sure that the energy has descended and just drop that like a pebble in the water and keep still. (Remains silent for a few minutes)
Now tell Me, what was your experience in that?
Sepideh: Dear Sat, If I let go of the words, it’s just a contact … it’s a very simple ….
Sat cuts her off and says: Contact with who?
Sepideh: It’s just nothing …
Sat says excitedly: Exactly, you go back to the Self, yes, so you go back to the Self and the Self is the one that is receiving the word ‘love’. So, there you have it!

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April 5, 2022

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