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What is Accomplishment?

Sat talks about the most important accomplishment in this life.

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Question: Is there such a thing as an accomplishment in life?
Sat laughs wholeheartedly for a few minutes and says: On the surface accomplishment appears to be there but for who and for how long? Accomplishment is learned! (Continues to laugh) give Me a moment because where I am standing, accomplishment seems very, very funny. On the worldly [level], accomplishment for the sake of the body and the environment you are in, is acceptable as long as it does not turn to greed and still keeps the simplicity of life in mind.
But for those that have too much ambition, I would say it causes disturbances. And the way to look at it is that the body is born and one day it will be left behind. The most important accomplishment in this life on a deeper level is not what we have, it is how we live! What is our state of mind? What is our approach to life? How do we review life? How do we react to life? That brings us to the Art of Living. The biggest accomplishment is to realize that who we take ourself to be is much smaller and more limited than who we really are.
As you go through life as youth wanting to accomplish [things] your accomplishment is zero, unless along with this accomplishment you accomplish finding your own inner peace. Otherwise, you have worked and when you leave the body, you are forgotten and you leave all your belongings for other people who will throw them in the garbage because it is outdated.
Now, you tell Me what is the worth of your accomplishment. I am not against the youth going after work-making money, making a comfortable life, even leaving some money for their children. But if it is your only purpose in life, I am sorry, this is going to be a failure!

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November 30, 2023

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