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What Is A Pure Mind?

Sat discusses how we can experience the pure mind when we leave the activity of the thoughts alone in this audio excerpt.

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Question: This past Sunday at the Sai Center, You said, “When the activity of the thoughts is left alone, the mind is the Omniscient we talk about.” Can You please elaborate on that? Can we say this is the true definition of the pure mind?

Sat: Yes absolutely! As I have said before, but I want to remind you, just think of the white canvas and draw thoughts on it, different thoughts, just write every thought that appears. Now, when this writing gets eliminated, you see the canvas more and more. It is more visible and that canvas is All, it is Totality. Is Totality more perfect or a fraction of thoughts? Is the Whole bigger or the pieces that change all the time? Even when we look at it logically, we realize that when the ego, the “me” self, sort of subsides, which it takes the mind with it, what is left in the creation would be that Omniscient, Omnipotent, Omnipresent. But beyond these three qualities is the Absolute, is the non-movement of the … (pauses), there is no name for it.

In order to realize the Allness, we cannot go with fractions of that Allness and get attracted to it. This is why the whole teaching, the whole sharing aims at the elimination of all the things we learned before and invites us to silence, which is the base. And through the different techniques, we also have a chance to taste it with the Trust, Omnipresent, Are You with Me, Man or Woman, Eraser, etc. All of that to give the mind and the thinker memory of what it can be and what we really are, so that it will willingly subside and not put up a fight.

Namaste to all of you.

U.S. Chat
July 27, 2021

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