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What is A Pure Heart

Sat explains a pure in heart is when the ego is gone.

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Farnaz: In Most Precious, you say “It is said that the pure in heart shall know the Truth and the Truth shall set them free.” We believe this is from Jesus and the question is what is a pure heart?
Sat: A pure heart is when your vessel is empty, that’s a pure heart. You see, the ideas in the mind were first gathered in the heart, and then they started rising in that arena of the mind. So pure in heart is one that has realized itself. And, they know the truth of themselves and that frees them. Of course, in day-to-day life, we say ‘oh he or she is so pure in heart, because she is kind, she is this, she is that, etc.’ and it’s true, their heart has compassion and this and that. But ultimately if you really want to know what pure in heart is, it’s when the ego is gone. To the degree that we release that false identification, to that degree, our heart is pure.

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April 5, 2022

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