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What Goes Through Reincarnation?

Sat explains the “entity” that goes through reincarnation.

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Question: What is the “entity” that goes through reincarnation? Is it just our consciousness?

Sat: It is the soul, in Farsi soul is ‘rooh,’ it is really hard to explain. It is being, but is also a bundle of expressions. It is very similar to the night dream where you can see yourself at night time in many scenarios, on different nights, different places, different stories. The one that is creating that in the night time would be the soul of the sleeper- as it is in the daytime.
Again, when we talk about the Spirit, we are talking about that one and only Existence that branches [out] to different souls. But really, I don’t think this type of information is very useful- as much as it is the Art of Living and the art of letting go. Of course, this is My understanding, My inner guidance, I am sure that you all have the same inner guidance that you can tap into and get answers to your questions.

Question: We have asked this question before, but can You please tell us who is it that occupies the body?

Sat: I just did! I just did! It is the soul that comes to find its Source, in other words, find its freedom. It is a divided infinite energy.

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December 07, 2023

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