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What & Where Is Home

Sat discusses what “Home” (or our origin) really is and how to access it in this audio excerpt.

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Sat: Home is a place that cannot be separated from you, cannot be taken away from you and it cannot be given away. It is eternal and is always with you. What is not Home is what we think is Home, which is the world of activity: the wealth that we have, the security that we feel like we are having- these all can be taken away, if not in our lifetime, in the end of our lifetime for sure!

Going Home means going to a place that is eternal. It is not temporary, it is not changeable and it is within each one of us. Now, why don’t people look within themselves? Because their senses are constantly going out like an octopus and bringing information, so that the mind can register and interpret it and make the thinker believe it. That is it in a nutshell.

Now, what is this Home? This Home is the silence within you. How to achieve it? By Staying. And in the beginning, having some time daily, just sitting down every single day, lighting a candle and then relaxing our body and our mind intentionally. With a very good and pure attention and intention we sit down and bring our concentration from the saturated concentration in the mind downward toward the chest, which is the center of our being.

As you bring this down, you find tranquility and you just begin to feel the silence. When you feel the silence, keep your attention there, not by force but by interest. You keep it down, that’s the center of our being that sages point us to. If your attention rises to go and get involved with the feelings, emotions and thoughts, just very gently notice it. First we have to notice and then bring it down again to the region of the heart. It is not a physical heart, but it is down there. Now, this practice will immediately release some peace in our being. I call that Home because that center cannot be taken away and anytime that you choose to bring your attention down, you are there. This is where the intimacy with God, with intuition, with silence takes place. This is the place that later on you can have conversations in silence, communion.
Adrienne: I got up the other morning very stressed out and nervous, but I was not afraid at all. I was more the watcher and I just knew to go to the silence. I am so thankful for that.

Sat: Yes, yes, this is it, this is it! That’s why I call it Home (chuckles). When we wander in the streets, there are a lot of things that can go wrong, but immediately you remember “Oh my God, I have a Home.” Now in an ordinary life, you don’t know you have a Home. You think your home is everywhere, on the street, in the battlefield of the mind. But then immediately out of the wisdom that you have swallowed and digested, you say, “Wait a minute, I have a Home where nothing can touch it, because it is all silence, everything vanishes there, like magic.” On top of that, this is our real State of Being (chuckles), it is not a pretense, mood-making or trying to get some place, it is right there. Not only do you transcend the mind and the thinker, but you actually are in your origin, your reality. So, to Me it is a win-win situation here.

So namaste to all of you.

8/19/21 & 9/2/2021 - U.S. Chat

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