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We Will Be Led

Sat discusses the Grace of the Self that expands intuition and understanding.

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Nilufar: Sat, I have a sharing. I was meditating right now, and in the middle of my meditation, a thought came that was a memory from the past, and I went with it for a few seconds or something like that, and it was so interesting. All of a sudden when I realized that I was going with the thought, that was a memory, it felt like there is fresh air, and then there is pollution. Honestly, I felt the pollution polluted the now, and I just looked at it and did not go with it.

Sat: Yes, Once you know the fresh air, then when the pollution comes, and you remember, you say, “Thank God! I know where there is fresh air!” And the fresh air is always there, as we choose.

Nilufar: And Sat, not necessarily it was a very bad thought, just a memory. It was not ….

Sat: It still is a pollution.

Masnour: Sat, I was thinking about, this is kind of coming intuitively, the silence that is the base is like a dot, has no dimensions. It's like the tiniest dot ever imaginable and reminded me of Jesus saying that the rich can be relieved only if a camel can go through a needle. You have to lose the camel, which is all of our thoughts, all of our ideas. And then, it started to dawn on me that it is like being in silence, the expansion is on the other side.

Sat: Oh, yes.

Manour: You have to go through the needle. That was like, I don't know why I am saying that, because I haven't experienced it, but I felt like that's how it is going to be. I don't know if just ...

Sat: Well, nothingness. Being somebody and knowing something, it belongs to ego. So, when that begins to subside, of course that entity is shrinking. So, it's you know, the belief of who we are not shrinks. And of course, you can go through anything, because there is nothing there to have to go through. But, you know, the thing I like to emphasize is that just the fact that every one of you got interested in this lifetime (to) know that there is a Grace of the Self that accompanies it. You know!

And like every one of you feel now and then (that) there is an intuition or there is an opening and there is an expansion of understanding, all of that is through the Grace of the Self. So, it is not like we have to labor over it. We labored before we had a desire to free ourselves. That was a lot of labor to live life after life of ignorance. But now that we find ourselves going inwards where the Grace is, of course we will be led. As you all have told me so many times that “Sat, I don't know how this could happen, or how I would know, or how this thing happen or how that thing happen” is because we are getting closer and closer to the God that is a real God, which is existence, which is You and I. And by association, even by the association of ego with that source, it brings all sorts of beautiful changes.

Aida: Sat, the Grace and the interest came together?

Sat: The interest came out of the Grace of the Self. There is not a religion, of course I don't know all the religions, but I am guessing and am hoping, that the ones that I know, that they all say knowing one's Self is knowing God. They don't say that know God, and then you know your Self. Right? Why aren't they all saying that? Because that source within us is, in a way, the Totality. Because it is the existence. It's like saying, “You need to check the whole ocean to know the drop,” instead of “in order to know the ocean, you need to know a drop of the ocean.” That would be stupid! Why do you have to analyze the whole creation to find out where God is? This is enough!

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