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We Create Our Own Drama

Sat discusses how we create our own drama by our reactions.

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We Create Our Own Drama
Summary: Sat discusses how we create our own drama by our reactions.

The following quote is from Sat from the year 2005:
Quote: “We are not the body, we are not the mind; we are the force that keeps them together. We can play the game joyfully, happily, enthusiastically, gratefully; but we do not think that we are the role. As we have been mesmerized and brainwashed by lies, we are now beginning to wake up and to see. What do you think waking up is? To see that it all was a lie. This is like what everyone in this room is experiencing; when you see that the lies are lies, you are beginning to wake up! What then do we do with our children and our friends? No more drama! We created our own drama, for the satisfaction of its sensation, until we are sick of it. And when we get sick of our own drama, we just drop it. Fear and doubt are products of the mind. Every time we experience them, we are living in the mind. And when you get to the source of the mind, it is nothing, not a thing. In that, there is freedom; in that, there is liberation.” (From, DVD "Whatever Addiction", December 09, 2005)
Sat says surprisingly: Well, here we are sixteen years later!
Question: Sat, at the end of this quote You say, “We create our own drama.” Would You please explain that? I don’t understand that.
Sat: Can you reread the part about the drama, we create the drama?
Kavi reads the following section of the quote:
“We created our own drama, for the satisfaction of its sensation, until we are sick of it”
Sat: Creating drama. When you see things as they are, you don’t feel reactive, you don’t feel discomfort, you don’t get upset. Humanity does get upset; we get reactive. By any reaction you are creating drama!
Say somebody comes to you and says, “You are a jerk.” Ok! you can be indifferent to it or cause drama; you are creating your own drama. But once the mind becomes calm and nonreactive to things as strongly as before, then it ends the drama. You don’t want any more drama around yourself; before, we didn’t even know we had drama and that we were causing it.
I remember I used to be a drama queen, I loved to get attention out of creating this drama! Until I got sick of it; now I understand very well that the drama is self-inflicted pain. We are not doing this anymore, but in the past when we talked on the phone and we wanted that reaction from the person on the phone, with such an energy, we recreate this drama that happened to us say thirty years ago. We replay it. Who is creating that? Your own mind! Right? This is what I mean.
Question: Sat, lots of time You say, “Accept everything the way it is.” What do You mean by that?
Sat: Yes, not having resistance through wisdom, not through willpower. You understand that getting mad takes a lot of energy out of you, you are not a fool anymore. You say, “You know what, you win, I am ok.” Or you replace it with your own silence- these are wisdom; unfortunately, not everybody has it! It is such a simple, simple, simple understanding and yet people continue having a reactive life and making themselves miserable. Look at the wars - they are all self-inflicted pain. This is what it is and as our understanding gets bigger and bigger and bigger and eventually becomes infinite, then we settle and settle and settle more. Instead of rising, we settle, we sit down.
Question: And Sat, the tools that You have given us all these years do really help us achieve that silence.
Sat: Exactly, has silence ever caused any problem for you? (Laughs) How many people actually know this secret? It’s right there (says it with much enthusiasm). The mind wants to be entertained.
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