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We Are Already That

Sat talks about how to play one's role and do one's work in life while knowing that you are the Silence.

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Mansour: When I am not engaged with the outside, not trying to solve a problem at home or at work, etc., the silence seems to always be there, I am just not looking on the outside. I don’t have to look for it, it’s only when I am so wrapped up with the outside that it makes it harder to slow down. One thing that has helped me is some phrases or important spiritual teachings - when I repeat them or listen to them, they really bring my attention to Silence, and really help me. I think of it as a gift that is always there, all I have to do is take it.

Sat: Yes, it’s always there and please remember, all of us, that the role has to be played, the work has to be done, but what we do in our spare time is also important. Who we are, like you were saying and all the high teachings admit that all of these techniques, tools, sayings, readings, etc. are to eliminate the false. Once we know that we are that silence, there is absolutely nothing wrong at all with playing the game, doing your role. There is no separation at that time that we need to struggle about. And when we are doing too much, we can immediately realize that ok now this is the time to just settle down for a few minutes. But we also should always remember we are that which we want to achieve. The only achievement is to not go with the false identification. That is the part that takes time to sink in!

So, realization really is to realize what is false, it is not to realize your godlihood! Going back Home is exactly all about that, recognizing the personality as ego, as “I am” and knowing that the mind is only a bundle of memories and beliefs and settling down and acting through that. That is the sum total of the whole game.
And the most important, being happy, being jolly, being happy, having a sense of humor, when you don’t want to dance, dance, even go crazy in the joy. In other words, becoming more like a child. Please let us not think that spirituality can become another weight, it is to remember that a child is just happy because it doesn’t have too many memories yet to refer to and bog itself down.

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