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Trust The Promise - Grace

Sat elaborates on how when we trust the promise in daily life, grace takes care of everything in this audio excerpt.

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Someone says: I’ve noticed that I am not getting involved as much - I just trust and let go - and everything seems to work by the grace.

Sat: Beautiful! Beautiful! Yes, you said it - grace; in grace there is much less struggle and you listened to your prompting and you didn’t exert your own will and the result was that everything just appeared as perfection. This is exactly what I mean when we just flow with life! You can’t deny the grace of everything to be taken care of at all! To be able to handle things in an at-ease way, not easy way, but to be at ease. That also makes Me very happy! What a grace!

It’s getting more and more obvious that what was said for years and years, that when we don’t take thoughts, we are taken care of [is true] and the Trust Meditation explains it beautifully. “I will take care of you from the minutest detail of your life, if you take no thought and Trust the Promise.” The Promise could be within ourselves in the form of love, it could be in the form of wisdom, it could be in the form of silence, but all our experiences really show the validity of this meditation or this technique in our daily life. We don’t have to sit down and go in and find the silence and leave our burden in the Promise anymore as much, but it is a continuous flow of knowingness through having the wisdom, like an i.v. in our veins for so many years that is now taking over automatically.

If we need to think the thought, then we think it; if it is useless then we let it go. So, this is what happens with association with the good rather than normal. A normal association is personality against personality either rubbing against each other, or pretending that they are not rubbing against each other. It is a lot of effort and as I always said, the least effort, the simplest of all simple ways of thinking, talking and our action is the closest to the reality of who we are.

And you shared tonight that when you did not take thought or it didn’t affect you as much, things happen beautifully through your life. And this is such a simple secret that not many give their ears to or are interested in. Because it seems to people that the more you do, the more you accomplish and we are learning that the less you take thoughts, the more you accomplish! Like what she was saying, that the problem was big, etc. or appeared to be big and she remembered, she let it go and did some inner work and then it was gone.

Now, it happens for us because we genuinely get it, it is not out of laziness or avoidance, it is not as though we say “Oh … I can’t handle this … I am just going to go sit down and meditate.” It’s not that, it is genuinely taking roots in us, and that is a very happy event.

U.S. Chat—10/7/2021

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